Class 12 Chemistry Notes (2nd Year Key Book Solution PDF)

The Class 12 Chemistry Notes include detailed explanations, along with illustrative examples, solved questions, as well sample questions for students from Class 12 books. The 2nd year Chemistry Notes PDF will seemingly help them to get a good grip and a clear insight into all the important concepts. The style and format of 12th Class Chemistry Notes are very simple and are in a lucid manner making it easy for students to retain as well as remember each concept easily for a longer time.

Chemistry Notes for Class 12 contains all chapters with important topics that are part of Revision Notes for Class 12 Chemistry. Here we have given Chemistry Notes for Class 12.

2nd Year Chemistry Notes PDF (12th Class)

Chapter 1 → Periodic Classification Of Elements And Periodicity
Chapter 2 → S-Block Elements
Chapter 3 → Group III A and Group IVA Elements
Chapter 4 → Group VA and Group VIA Elements
Chapter 5 → The Halogens And The Noble Gases
Chapter 6 → Transition Elements
Chapter 7 → Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry
Chapter 8 → Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
Chapter 9 → Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Chapter 10 → Alkyl Halides
Chapter 11 → Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers
Chapter 12 → Aldehydes and Ketones
Chapter 13 → Carboxylic Acids
Chapter 14 → Macromolecules
Chapter 15 → Common Chemical Industries in Pakistan
Chapter 16 → Environmental Chemistry
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