Computer Science MCQs with Answers

___ is the set of instructions given to the computer to perform a specific task

A. Monitor

B. Hardware

C. Software

D. Printer

___ creates a link between a user and the computer,

A. Device Driver

B. Utilities

C. Operating system

D. Image Viewer

___ is the most famous type of operating system for personal computer.

A. Linux

B. Unix

C. Microsoft Windows

D. Mac OS

A system software that helps operating system to communicate with a device is called

A. Operating system

B. Device Driver

C. Utility

D. Graphics software

___ is a program that allows a user to analyze and maintain a computer

A. Utility

B. Device drivers

C. Windows XP

D. MS Office

Windows explorer serves as a

A. System Manager

B. File Manager

C. Web Browser

D. Device Manager

___ is a utility program that provides a facility to view and manage images

A. Image Viewer

B. Text Viewer

C. System Viewer

D. File Viewer

Disk Scanner in windows is known as

A. Disk Clean out

B. Disk Cleanup

C. Disk Cleaning

D. None of These

A computer software that helps users to do a specific task on a computer is known as

A. System software

B. MS office software

C. Anti-virus software

D. Application software

Software are used to learn a particular skill.

A. Graphics

B. Multimedia

C. Educational

D. Reference

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