Computer Science MCQs with Answers

Computer game is an example of software

A. Entertainment

B. Exam preparation

C. Reference

D. System

Encyclopedia is an example of software.

A. Entertainment

B. Educational

C. Productivity

D. Reference

___ is a world renowned composing software.

A. MS Power Point

B. MS Word

C. Typing Tutor

D. Adobe Photoshop

Software are used to create visual presentations.

A. Graphics

B. Multimedia

C. MS Paint

D. MS Excel

When a computer and loads starts their, operating drivers system check all the ___ properly so a user can work properly

A. Programs

B. Drivers

C. Devices

D. Network

A single page of presentation created in Power Profit is

A. Slide

B. Media

C. Test

D. Slide Show

There are elements of multimedia.

A. Two

B. Three

C. Four

D. Five

The combination of letters and numbers is known as

A. Alphabets

B. Numbers

C. Symbols

D. Text

Cartoon movies are the example of

A. Painting

B. Animation

C. Drawing

D. Photograph

The digital representation of non text information is called

A. Sound

B. Video

C. Graphics

D. Animation

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