Computer Science MCQs with Answers

The movement of an object is created by using technique.

A. Animation

B. Presentation

C. Motion

D. Execution

The name of the power point file is seen on the bar

A. Menu

B. Title

C. Scroll

D. Status

___ is the Keyboard shortcut key to create a new file in the power point

A. Ctrl + N

B. Ctrl + V

C. Ctrl + C

D. Ctrl + P

All slide layouts contain boxes with dotted borders called

A. Titleholder

B. Placeholder

C. Box holder

D. Text holder

The presentation of all slides created in Power Point is called

A. Slide Design

B. Slide View

C. Slide Show

D. Laser Show

Slide are the effects that determine how a slide moves in and out of the view in the Slide Show.

A. Animation

B. Transition

C. Layout

D. Templates

In which Tab a user can find Slide Transition

A. Home Tab

B. Animation Tab

C. Design Tab

D. Review Tab

The list of animated effects that a user can apply to selected object on the slide is called

A. Smooth Animation

B. Long Animation

C. Custom Animation

D. Slide Transition

An orderly display of information using different media elements is known as

A. Multimedia Presentation

B. Animation

C. Transition

D. Layout

The arrangement of the objects on the slide is known as Slide

A. Transition

B. Show

C. Design

D. Layout

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