Everyday Science MCQs with Answers

21. Science that uses electrons is known as:

(a) Atomic science

(b) Electrology

(c) Electrolyses

(d) Electronics

22. Science of making machines, buildings, roads and many other things is known as

(a) Engineering(b) Architecture

(c) Physics

(d) Physical Engineering

23. Agraphia is the inability to write. What is pedagogy?

(a) Science of teaching

(b) Science of learning

(c) Science of seeing

(d) Science of behaving

24. What is Biometry?

(a) Science of apparatuses for biology

(b) Application of Mathematics to living things

(c) Application An instrument of Biology to living things

(d) An Instrument

25. called Study of maps and the feature of the universe is called

(a) Cosmology

(b) cosmography

(c) Cosmophysics

(d) Physical

26. What science is? the use of Forensic medicine in

(a) Post mortem

(b) Use criminal of cases scientific techniques to solve

(c) cases Use of scientific techniques to solve legal

(d) None of these

27. What is called the study of fingerprints?

(a) Dectylography

(b) Heredity Science

(c) Herpetology

(d) genetics

28. What is called the study of the structure of Earth?

(a) Geology

(b) Geography

(c) Geo-Engineering

(d) Earth Science

29. What deals with the action of forces that produces changes in the motion of the body?

(a) Physics

(b) Kinetics

(c) Physiology

(d) Hydraulics

30. What is called a form of Mathematics?

(a) Arthmatics

(b) Algebra

(c) Statistics

(d) Trigonometry