Everyday Science MCQs with Answers

31. By careful of selection of Parents the better production of offsprings is called:

(a) Motion logy

(b) Mechanics

(c) Eugenics

(d) None of these

32. What is called science and technology producing of metals?

(a) Metallurgy

(b) Chemistry

c) Engineering

(d) None of these

33. What is Astronautics?

(a) study of universe

(b) study of space travel

(c) study of earth

(d) study of animals

34. of Optics is the branch of Physics. It is the study

(a) Light

(b) Universe

(c) Air

(d) Weather

35. Palaeontology is the study of the:

(a) animals that have lived on earth in the past

b) plants that have lived on earth in the past

(c) both of these

(d) none of these

36. What is Chemotherapy?

(a) Treatment of diseases by chemical substances

(b) Diagnosis & treatment of mental spine

(c) surgery of brain

(d) Study of Mental Health

37. What of the following is the scientific study and measurement of behaviors

(a) Psychiatry

(b) Psychology

(c) Psychoanalysis

(d) telepathy

38. Which branch of biology studies animals?

(a) Zoology

(b) Ecology

(c) Geology

(d) None of these

39. What is electrocardiography?

(a) Science of heartbeat

(b) Science of measuring the electrical activity of the heart

(c) measuring heartbeat

(d) finding the health of the heart

40. Pediatrics refers to:

(a) Care of Pregnant women

(b) Care of old people

(c) Care of children

(d) Care of bones and joints

41. Etymology is the science (study) of

(a) Insects

(b) Words

(c) Medicines

(d) Space