FPSC Past Paper for Patrol Officer held on 2018

Here, You can see FPSC Patrol Officer Past Paper of Highway and Motorway Police which held in 2018. If the answer of any MCQs is incorrect, Please mention that MCQs in the comments below the post. So that the answer to that MCQs can be corrected.

The FPSC Past Paper for Patrol Officer (Highway and Motorway Police) 2018 has two main parts, the first part of FPSC Patrol Officer Past Paper MCQs 2018 is English. The second Part is General Intelligence. Please read the MCQs of the FPSC Patrol Officer 2018.

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FPSC Patrol Officer Past Paper 2018

1. Ten miles ___ a long way to walk.

(a) are

(b) are being

(c) is

(d) None of these.

2. Security arrangements have been tightened up in all ___ areas.

(a) sensational

(b) sensitive

(c) sensible

(d) None of these

3. John ___ forces himself to work on till late in the night.

(a) could

(b) would be

(c) would

(d) None of these

4. The insects are a great nuisance ___ us.

(a) at

(b) to

(c) for

(d) None of these

5. Of the three brothers, Sam is the ___.

(a) taller

(b) tallest

(c) most tallest

(d) None of these

6. The cashier ___ the money and signed a receipt for it.

(a) collects

(b) accepts

(c) counted

(d) None of these

7. I want a place where I can work without ___.

(a) delay

(b) boredom

(c) interruption

(d) None of these

8. My finger is still ___ where I caught it in the door yesterday.

(a) bruised

(b) sore

(c) wounded

(d) None of these

9. It is a marble wall ___ no bills.

(a) stick

(b) affix

(c) paste

(d) None of these

10. The new owners of the paper changed the ___ completely.

(a) outlook

(b) outlay

(c) layout

(d) None of these

11. The candidate inexperienced, and nervous, was heckled.

(a) Adjective

(b) Adverb

(c) Conjunction

(d) None of these

12. The tourist asked the guide the way.

(a) Direct object

(b) Indirect object

(c) Helping verb

(d) None of these

13. This week we are expecting visitors.

(a) Noun phrase

(b) Adjective phrase

(c) Adverb phrase

(d) None of these

14. Seeing is believing.

(a) Participle

(b) Complement

(c) Gerund

(d) None of these1

15. The workman seems very capable.

(a) Complement

(b) Direct object

(c) Indirect object

(d) None of these

16. What are you doing?

(a) Subject

(b) Interjection

(c) interrogative

(d) None of these

17. Make hay while the sun shines.

(a) Preposition

(b) Noun

(c) Conjunction

(d) None of these

18. This is good enough.

(a) Noun

(b) Adjective

(c) Adverb

(d) None of these

19. She laughed heartily.

(a) Intransitive verb

(b) Transitive verb

(c) Adverb

(d) None of these

20. 1 like the new book.

(a) Article

(b) Adjective

(c) Adverb

(d) None of these

FPSC Past Paper for Patrol Officer 2018


21. Which one of the following is the smallest number?
(a) 2/5

(b) 3/5

(c) 4/5

(d) None of these

22. 24375 books are to be arranged equally in shelves. If 375 books are arranged in each shell, how many shelves will be needed?

(a) 165

(b) 65

(c) 375

(d) None of these

23. Simplify using DMAS rule 5 x 3-4×2+1

(a) 8

(b) 23

(c) 3

(d) None of these

24. After removing the brackets we simplify the expression according to:

(a) MDAS rule

(b) DMAS rule

(c) MADS rule

(d) None of these

25. HCF of 60 and 72 is.

(a) 72

(b) 60

(c) 12

(d) None of these

26. Find the smallest length of rope which can be cut into pieces of 20 cm, 25 cm and 30 cm of lengths?

(a) 100 cm

(b) 200 cm

(C) 300 cm

(d) None of these

27. 1/20+ 2/5 – 1/20is equal to:

(a) 7/20

(b) 3/20

(c) 1/20

(d) None of these

28. Simplify: 1.1 x 10+ (4.2-2) x 3.7

(a) 19.14

(b) 72.4

(c) 724

(d) None of these

29. 48 km & 600 m +21 km & 425 m is equal to:

(a) 80 km & 25 m

(b) 80 km

(c) 70 km & 25 m

(d) None of these

30. In January morning temperature in Murree was recorded as -3°C and in the afternoon it was11°С. Find the rise in temperature.

(a) 11°C

(b) 14°C

(c) 8°C

(d) None of these

31. The cost of 8 maths books is Rs. 960. Find the cost of 12 maths books.

(a) Rs. 120

(b) Rs.1600

(c) Rs. 1440

(d) None of these

32. If two sides of a triangle are of equal length, then it is called:

(a) Scalene triangle

(b) Isosceles triangle

(c) Equilateral triangle

(d) None of these

33. In right-angle triangle one angle must be:

(a) 60°


(C) 90°

(d) None of these

34. V16+9 is equal to:

(a) 7

(b) 5

(C) 25

(d) None of these

35. Two or more fractions with the same denominator are called:

(a) Unlike Fractions

(b) Equal Fraction

(c) Like Fractions

(d) None of these

36. Solve this equation 4x +5=17

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 20

(d) None of these

37. The perimeter of square whose side is 2.5 cm long is:

(a) 10 cm

(b) 5 cm

(c) 6.25 cm

(d) None of these

38. Area of rectangular garden is 1500 m². The length of garden is 500 m. Find the width ofg arden.

(a) 300 m

(b) 500 m

(c) 100 m

(d) None of these

39. The ages of six girls are 120 months, 124 months, 123 months, 130 months, 129 months and1 30 months. Find their average age.

(a) 124 months

(b) 125 months

(c) 126 months

(d) None of these

40. Average of 10 values is 200. Sum of nine of them is 1850. Find 10th value.

(a) 200

(b) 150

(c) 300

d) None of these

41. Who was the Guest of Honour on 23rd March 2018 during the Pakistan Day parade?

(a) Turkish President

(b) President of Sri Lanka

(c) General Qamar Javed Bajwa

(d) None of these

42. Which country sent its Army Band during Pakistan Day’s parade?

(a) Saudi Arabia

(b) Turkey

(c) Jordan

(d) None of these

43. Who is the Chairman Senate in Pakistan?

(a) Sadiq Sanjrani

(b) Raja Zafar-ul-Haq

(c) Saleem Mandviwalla

(d) None of these

44. Who is the Commander of the Military Alliance of 39 Muslims countries?

(a) General Raheel Sharif

(b) Gen. Prince Fahd Al Saud

(c) General Fayyad Hamid Rwaili

(d) None of these

45. US President elected for:

(a) 6 years

(b) 5 years

(c) 4 years

(d) None of these

46. Who is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia?

(a) Muhammad bin Salman

(b) Salman bin Abdul Aziz

(c) Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz

(d) None of these4

47. Currently who is permanent representative of Pakistan to UN?

(a) Tariq Fatemi

(b) Aizaz Ahmad Choudhry

(c) Maliha Lodhi (2018)

d) None of these

48. Who has been re-elected as Russia President recently for the second term?

(a) Pavel Grudinin

(b) Vladimir Putin

(d) None of these

(d) None of these

49. Which is the third largest political party in UK at present?

(a) Labour Party

(b) Conservative

(c) Liberal Democrats

(d) None of these

50. One Belt One Road (OBOR) project of China:

(a) is part of CPEC

(b) Includes CPEC in it

(c) Is not linked with CPEC

(d) None of these

51. When did Pakistan become member of WTO?

(a) 2009

(b) 2002

(c) 1995

(d) None of thes

52. Current Chief Minister of Balochistan belongs to:

(a) Pakistan Muslim League (N)

(b) Pakistan Muslim League (Q)

(c) Balochistan Awami Party

(d) None of these

53. Final match of PSL3 (2018) was played in:

(a) Karachi

(b) Lahore

(C) Dubai

(d) None of these

54. Currently the Political Party in power in Britain is:

(a) Labour

(b) Conservative

(c) Liberal Democrat

(d) None of these

55. FIFA World Cup 2018 was hosted by:

(a) Portugal

(b) Spain

(c) Russia

(d) None of these

56. Which of the following countries is not a Republic?

(a) Jordan

(b) Turkey

(c) Afghanistan

(d) None of these

57. Who won the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy?

(a) India

(b) Pakistan

(c) Sri Lanka

(d) None of these

58. Total number of members of SAARC is:

(a) 8

(b) 7

(c) 6

(d) None of these

59. In 2018, Pakistan’s Senate elections were held for:

(a) 50 seats

(b) 51 seats

(c) 52 seats

d) None of these

60. Pakistan Senate’s election 2018 were held on:

(a) 2nd Feb

(b) 2nd March

(c) 3rd March

(d) None of these

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