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PPSC Books pdf Free Download for PPSC Test Preparation 2020

Are you looking for PPSC Books pdf 2020 Free Download? Or Searching for PPSC Test Preparation Books 2019, 2020 pdf free download. If yes, then you landed on the best page, where you can download PPSC Books free pdf for PPSC Test Preparation.

Also if you are Searching PPSC Books free download pdf for Educators, PPSC Books for Lecturer, PPSC Books for Sub Inspector, PPSC Books for Clerk, and PPSC General knowledge Books then this page also useful for you.

PPSC Test Preparation Books Pdf 2020

Nowadays all government takes a test before hiring govt jobs. This test can be taken by any Pakistani agency NTS, PTS, OTS, or Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). The candidates who pass the test will select the next step on merit.

All these test institutions are government institutions. The government takes this test only to get a government job. Of all these test agencies, PPSC is the best. This agency is for Punjab only.

The Punjab Public Service Commission also known as PPSC is a government agency. It works under the Punjab government. PPSC only takes a test before hiring in Punjab.

The PPSC test is very difficult. It is not easy to pass for those who will appear without preparation. But on this page, you can get PPSC Books Free download pdf also download ppsc test preparation books free in pdf.

The candidates who took this test. They are well aware of how this test is difficult. The benefit of this test is that only students can pass this test. Those who have the best knowledge.

How many marks of Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC)

The paper of PPSC has 200 marks. The candidate will consider pass if the candidate gets 50% marks in the paper. Now Speaking of the paper syllabus, PPSC paper is 50% subject-related and 50% general knowledge.

As we have already said. That the PPSC test is difficult to pass. But if you prepare, it is not so difficult. You can prepare the PPSC test through PPSC books and PPSC past papers. Here you can PPSC books free download pdf for PPSC test preparation.

Written Test of PPSC 

After passing the PPSC test, the next step is the written test. The step of the written test is also a test. This test is also a difficult test.
The first phase of PPSC, which has 200 marks. It contains Mcqs. If you do not pass the written test after passing the 200 marks test. Then you will consider failing. And you won’t get a job. For which you have applied.

Many candidates ask that PPSC’s written test occur in every job. The PPSC written test is not for every vacancy. This is only for a few large vacancies such as lecturer.

If we talk about educators, For ESE educators written test did not take by ESE educators. Ese Educators are invited for a direct interview only after passing the PPSC 200 marks test.

You must download PPSC Books Free for passing ppsc written test. Because PPSC Books also have past written test questions.

Complete Guidelines and Instructions about PPSC Interview

The last step is the Interview Selection. Many candidates thought the interview easy. But the interview process is also not easy. Because the PPSC interview is not like the nts, pts, ots. Where only your credentials are checked in the interview. The check that your certificates are fake or real.

But in the PPSC interview, the teachers asked questions from candidates. These questions are related to your subject. Some general knowledge questions are asked. Sometimes only candidate’s degrees are checked. That they are real and verified.

If the questions are asked in the PPSC interview and if you cannot answer them then this will be a major problem for you. And you may not get that job. But the interview process is easier than the first two steps.

One question is asked. What documents to take in the PPSC interview. And how many members are in the interview panel. The interview panel consists of four members. There is a commission head who can ask general knowledge questions. And there are two teachers who can ask questions related to your subject. There is an educational member who can ask questions related to teaching and education. With all these, if the panel has 5 members, the fifth member will be Psychologist.

PPSC Test Preparation Books pdf 2020

All information above is about the Punjab public service commission test. We will now talk about the ppsc test preparation Books pdf. How to prepare a PPSC test And Where to Find PPSc Books free download pdf.

The PPSC books are available in the market. Dogar Brothers and Publisher’s Books are the top ones. And most students buy these same books.

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There is no doubt that the Dogger Brothers ppsc books and Imtiaz Shahid advanced Publisher ppsc books and caravan PPSC books are good. But these ppsc books are not available in all cities. If available, the price of these ppsc books is so high. That a poor student cannot buy these books. That’s why we’re giving you these books for free.

The below links are for PPSC books Pdf 2020. They are from 2012 to 2020. These PPSC  test preparation books Pdf include important Mcqs as well as past papers. Most of these books are solved. This means that all MCQS answers contained in the book are given in the book. Some of these books are from Mcqs General Knowledge. They are also very important for PPSC test preparation. But there are some Mcqs that are on the current affair. If those MCQs are not related to you, they may leave.

These books are for Educators, Lecturers, Sub Inspectors, and other PPSC Jobs. So All PPSC Books are given in categories. You can download PPSC Books Free in pdf form.

PPSC Books for Educators Free Download pdf

In the past, recruiting on the teacher’s posts was through NTS tests. And most of you have heard of the NTS test. That test is easier than the PPSC test. Yes, there is no doubt that the NTS test is not as difficult as the PPSC test.

The NTS test is numbered 100, and the passing marks in this test are 50%. But according to some principles, 45% is also considered a pass. NTS paper is related to the article and Mcqs are easy.

One of the niceties of the NTS test is that it does not have negative marking, whereas PPSC tests have negative marking. We were talking about educator jobs.

According to the new rule of the educator, the test that will be taken before the recruitment of the educator will take the  Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC).

As you’ve already mentioned, the PPSC test is not an easy test. This is a difficult test and it is difficult to pass the test without preparation.

We have some books available for the preparation of the PPSC test. Which is from the Dogar Brothers, Advanced Publisher, and Carvaan Books. You find these books on the market at an expensive price but here you can download ppsc books free in pdf.

The books we are providing you to prepare for the PPSC test. All these books are in pdf format. And if these books have irrelevant things you can skip.

PPSC advanced Publishers Book for Educators

PPSC Model Papers 63rd Edition 2020 free download

Sub Inspectors PPSC Books Free Download pdf

Now we talk about the Punjab Police posts. Two of the top institutions are taking the test for the new posts of Punjab Hollis. One is NTS and the other is PPSC.

The police department has grades 7 to 22. NTS Takes lower grade tests. Including the main constable. But the sub-inspector takes the PPSC test for ease.

Candidates do not buy books to prepare for the PPSC test. Because books are either expensive or books are not available for the preparation of PPSC tests in the market. Due to which the test is difficult for the candidate and the candidate cannot pass the test.

These books are expensive or not available in the market. We are providing you with books free of charge for the preparation of the PPSC test. With which you can prepare well.

PPSC Books for Sub Inspector Free Download 2020

More PPSC Books for Sub Inspectors will upload soon. So please visit again

PPSC Books pdf for Lecturer free Download

In Punjab, as many as lecturers are recruited, all of them are selected through by PPSC test. Lecturer’s test is considered, to be the most difficult test of all PPSC tests. Because the written test is also necessary for the lecturer. In which many candidates fail.

Lecturer vacancies are different for each subject. And to pass the PPSC test you must have all basic knowledge about this subject.

The lecturer needs to have the subject specialization and to know general knowledge. It is important to know the general knowledge because PPSC general knowledge MCQs is of 50% marks

If you want to PPSC lecturer preparation books in pdf format. Then we are giving you various books absolutely free. Which you will find at a bargain price in the market. These books include previous lecturer past papers. The subject you want to prepare for his book is below.

PPSC Books for Lecturer free latest edition 2020

PPPSC Botany Book For lecturers free download pdf

PPSC General Knowledge Books Free Download

Most of the students know that 50% of the Punjab public service commission (PPSC) papers are of General Knowledge. Most of the general knowledge Mcqs for PPSC is about current affairs. This current affair MCQs may be national or international.

The main reason for students failing or getting low marks in the PPSC test is not to prepare the general knowledge section well. Most students do not prepare the PPSC general knowledge MCQs. And get low marks low or fail in the PPSC test. General Knowledge books are available in separate books but also available in PPSC Books. When you will download ppsc books free, you can see the General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC.

Many ppsc general knowledge books are available in the market for PPSC general knowledge test preparation. These books have only PPSC General Knowledge’s Mcqs. These ppsc general knowledge books are available at expensive prices in the market. Most students do not buy these books because they are expensive.

But we are providing you free ppsc general knowledge books pdf for general knowledge test preparation. Which are absolutely free and these ppsc general knowledge books are in pdf format. But some of these general knowledge MCQs for ppsc are outdated. You can skip the MCQs of current affairs in them.

PPSC General Knowledge Books Pdf

Fpsc and PPSC GK MCQs Free

PPSC Advance Publishers Books & Model Papers pdf Free Download

PPSC Advance Publishers Books pdf is the plus point for getting good marks in PPSC exam. The advanced Publisher PPSC Books are available in the market. You can buy these PPSC model Papers in the market.

But we are giving you these PPSC Advance Publishers Book Free in pdf format. We are uploading PPSC Latest Advance Publishers Books 38th, 48th, 59th, 60th, 61th, 62th, 63th, 64th, 65th and 66th Edition free for you.

Please pray for us, we will upload more PPSC Books free. You can download PPSC Books Free from our website. The links of all PPSC Model Papers are given below.

48th Edition Download Advanced Publisher PPSC Model Paper

61st Edition Download Advanced Publisher PPSC Model Paper

63rd Edition Download Advanced Publisher PPSC Model Paper

64th Edition Download Advanced Publisher PPSC Model Paper

65th Edition Download Advanced Publisher PPSC Model Paper

66th Edition Download Advanced Publisher PPSC Model Paper


In this article, we have provided you all the information on PPSC. In addition to the PPSC books free download pdf, we have provided all the guidelines of PPSC. So on this page, you can find PPSC books free download pdf and PPSC test preparation books pdf 2020.

I hope, the purpose for which you came to this page. You will find that information. If you need any more information, please comment below. We will try to answer your question Thanks.


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