PPSC Pak Study Today Paper 25 October 2020

The PPSC Pak Study today paper of all batches held in different divisions of Punjab. The PPSC Pak Study paper 2020 held on 25 October 2020 at different divisions of Pakistan.

PPSC Pak Study today paper 25 October 2020. Today PPSC Pak Study Paper 2020 was according to the syllabus.

The PPSC Pak Study Paper of 25 October 2020 MCQs are given below.

  1. Agricultural gdp 2019
  2.  Kirthar mountain is in Sindh
  3. Instacare app introduced by instagram.
  4.  Fatima jinnah died on july 9 1967
  5. Ctrl + c
  6. Library received 510 visitors….. 285
  7. Co prime numbers.
  8. Word Drama is of which language
  9.  Who was President of pak in 1993
  10. Current speaker of national assembly.
  11. Who wrote sunan ibn e maja
  12. Illbert bill gave special powers to indian judges to try british subjects
  13. Military operation in 2017
  14. 2005 vision of Pakistan government.
  15. Batura Galcier
  16. Who was the originator of Kaafi
  17. What is read/write memory
  18. 5th 5 year plan years?
  19. Which NFC was accepted by all provinces.
  20. Which article of constitution is about supreme court
  21. Article 140 is about
  22. First PM to visit Russia.
  23. Who was awarded nishan e haider in 1965 war.
  24. Compassion synonym
  25. valor synonym.
  26. Second most prestigious award after nishan e haider
  27. Mumtaz Doltana had been the CM of Punjab
  28. Objective resolution was presented in assembly on 7th march.
  29. 14th amendment was about
  30. First persian poetry collection of IQBAL
  31. Tochi Pass is in
  32. When Pakistan won t20 world cup
  33. Roosevelt hotel of PIA is in which city
  34. World Economic Forum meets in Davos
  35. Pioneer of London Muslim league syed ameer ali
  36. Muslim students federation was established in
  37. Who became 1st CM of balochistan after 1970 general elections
  38. Who was British PM at the time of war of independence
  39. “Change of creed” in Muslim League aimed at
  40. Portfolio of Raja Ghaznafar Ali.. health
  41.  ……… of mian muhammad Shafi
  42. ………… of Joginder Nath Mandal
  43. Jinnah Sikandar pact year
  44. Gandi started which movement in 1919
  45. 1st Hindu woman in Senate of Pakistan
  46. JavedNama was translated into German by Annemarie Schimmle
  47. Who is Antonio Guetters?
  48. Active lady in pakistan movement from Bengal
  49. Capital of canada and Norway
  50. Zia visited which country for first time after coming into power?
  51. Alliance for restoration of democracy was launched against Parvez Musharraf
  52. From Memory is book of Feroz Khan Noon
  53. Shab e Rafta by majeed amjad
  54. When 3g/4g was introduced in Pakistan
  55. Vice president of 1st constitutional assembly of Pakistan
  56. Fatima Jinnah Uni is in Rawalpindi
  57. Old name of Allama iqbal open university was people’s open university
  58. First muslim cm of Sindh was Ayub Khoro
  59. Pak Hockey team won last last Olympic gold medal in 1984.


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