PPSC Past Papers for Assistant Held on November 2019


Advertisement for Assistant Jobs Published by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) more than one time in a year. The advertisement issued after the Government of Punjab Approval.

Assistant Jobs that are announced by the Public Service Commission. Their Basic Pay Scale scale is fourteen (14). And their education is Bachelor but sometime Master.

Punjab Public Service Commission seeks applications after publishing advertisement. Then the PPSC takes test of Assistant within few months after publishing Advertisement. The Public Service Commission tests is of 100 marks. 90 minutes are given to solve the PPSC Assistant paper.

Remember that the Public Service Commission test have negative marking. The passing marks of test has 50%. The candidates who pass the test are recruited on the base of merit.

PPSC Assistant Past Papers 2019

We are giving you the PPSC Past papers for Assistant to prepare for the PPSC Assistant test. These PPSC Assistant Past Papers are very important for the candidate and very helpful for getting good marks.

Candidates now that the most of the MCQs on the Public Service Commission (PPSC) test come from past papers. You should know that PPSC test is particularly difficult. And without the preparation of the test, the candidate cannot pass the PPSC assistant Test.

Public Service Commission Assistant Paper has mostly Computer-related MCQs. The other MCQs are about General Knowledge, Islamic Knowledge, Current Affairs and English Grammar and Sentence Structuring. The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree for apply PPSC assistant Job.

PPSC assistant papers are available on many websites but MCQs answers are incorrect in those papers or the papers are not related to the PPSC Past Papers of Assistant. This cause the negative impact on candidate exam and candidate also did not get good marks.

The PPSC Assistant Past Papers that we providing have taken from the Books of Advanced Publisher by Imtiaz Shahid and Dogar Brothers.

We will continue to provide PPSC Past Papers of Assistant. Below are the papers for preparation of assistant Paper.

PPSC Assistant Past Papers 2019

PPSC Paper for Assistant (Memory Based One Liner) held on 3 November 2019.

1. Hegel was a German: Philosopher

2. Ikebana is a Japanese Flower

3. Tasman Haupapa Glacier is in: New

4. Non-Permanent Members of the UN are
elected for: 2 years.

5. CDAC Meetings was held in: Beijing

6. Nursing Day is celebrated on: 12 May

7. Anti-Nuclear Day is celebrated on 29

8. Baap Ka Gunah is written by Hakeem
Ahmad Shuja

9. A History of God is written by Karen

10. Frederick Passy was a French DA
Laureate. In both age and prominence

11. Apiary is a: Bee Keeping Place

12. Article 245 is Act on: Aid with Civil

13. Airbus is made by country: France

14. Urdu adab ki mukhtasar tareen tareekh:
Saleem Akhtar

15. PSL was won by: Quetta Gladiators

16. Runner-up were: Peshawar Zalmi

17 Volleyball Warm-up is in: 4 Minutes

18. UN was formed on: 24 October 1945

19. She will get 90% to obtain: A 90%

20. Last Expedition of Holy Prophet: Tabuk

21. Shortest Boundary of Pakistan is with
which country? China

22. Zaboor was revealed on: Hazrat
Dawood A.S

23 Mushtaq Ahmad Yousafi Mazah Nigaari

24. Cleopatra was: Egyptian Queen BE

25. Bureaucracy key spellings

26. If ADD=9, BAD= 7. CAD=8 then what is
ADA: 6

27. If 60 men take 40 days to complete a
task. How many days will 40 men take?

28. Capital of Canada is Ottawa

29. Chicago is the city located in: USA

30. Saltiest Sea is the Dead Sea

31 Which Khaleefa Rashid Died a Natural
Death? Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique

32 Which country is famous for Sprinters?

33 Which continent is called Darkest in the
world? Continent Africa

34. Hayat-e-Javed written by Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali. Altaf Hussain Hali written this book on Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

35. Muslim League formed a coalition with
which party to form government in 1955

36. IMF gives loan to foster?

37. Who wrote Atash Kadha? Muhammad Din Taseer

38. A queer fish is synonymous with: A
Strange Person

39. Russian President during Geneva
Accords was: Mikhail Gorbachev

40. Hepatitis C affects which Organ: Liver

41. First Nishan Haider was given to:
Captain Sarwar

42. Boko Haram is an Organization in Nigeria

43. Majlisi Oli is the Parliament of: Tajikistan

44. Antonym of Subsequent is: prior

45. Which Saudi King Visited Pakistan in
1974? Shah Faisal

46. Petronas Towers are located in: Kuala

47 Radiation was discovered by Henry

48. Which of the following is a Star? Sun

49 How many circles did Hazrat Hajra
Complete while running between Safa and
Marwa? 7

50 Pakistan defeated which team to win
Final of 1992 world cup: England

51. A person’s weight is 100 kg on earth. It
will be on the moon: Less than 100

52. A baby’s heartbeat starts: before he is
born le

53. Naval War College is in: Lahore

54. Syria war was started by the: Arab

55. Deen Ilahi was abolished by: Aurangzeb

56. A triangle has a base of 6 cm and the
ame altitude. What is the area of the triangle? 18 m

57. A rectangle has a length of 10 cm and
erimeter of 30 cm, how much is width: 5 cm

58. Diet is the parliament of Japan

59. Quaid Azam Inaugurated what on 1st of
uly 1948: State Bank of Pakistan

60. Windows split in MS Word:
61. Key to make a chart from selected data in exel: F11

63 Madni Surahs were mostly About: Ghazwas of Nabi Akram S.A.W

64. Outline Layout Shortcut key in MS Word:

65. Glaciers are found in how many
countries? 50

66. Currency of Nigeria? Naira

67 Meaning of Zam Zam is? “Stop flowing”

68 Who became President of USA after
J.F. Kennedy? Lyndon Baines Johson

69. 1818 treaty sanctioned UK and USA to
capture was: Oregon treaty

70. Who colonised Argentine in 16th century? Spain

71. FPSC act was formed under which act of India? 1947

72 In 1919 act, law and order was the
subject of: Reserved Subject

73. Synonym of Impeccable? Flawless

74. Synonym of Apparel? Clothes

75. Synonym of Coagulate? Solidify

76. Antonym of gullible? Astute

77. Meaning of a pipe dream”? A dream or
idea that is impossible to accomplish

78. Do not judge a book by? Its cover

79. In absence heart grows? Fonder

80 Bone of shoulder girdle is? Clavicle,
scapula, and coracoid

81. Light of sun can be focused by which lens or mirror? Concave lens

82. Who mad HTPP? Tim Berners-Lee

83 Nusrat Ali Khan died in: 1997

84. Who regulate media? Pemra

85. Dublin is the capital of? Ireland

86. Fastest memory of computer is
called Cache

87 When Gymnastics were added to
Olympics? 1896

88. Roger has won how many single grand
slams? 20

89. Martin Hingis is the tennis player of

90.Gift of Nile is: Egypt

91. Foster mother of Prophet PBUH who was maid of Abu Lahab: Sobia

92. Liaquat Nehru pact was signed to deal
the issue of: Talks sought to guarantee the
rights of minorities екен.

PPSC Assistant Past Paper 2019

PPSC Paper for Assistant (Memory Based One Liner) held in 2019.

1. What is the length of table in the game of
table Tennis? 2.74 m

2. Dwight D. Eisenhower was an American army general and statesman who served as the 34h president

3 What is the old Capital of Japan? Kyoto

4. Boko Haram terrorist group belongs to which country? Nigeria

5. The function of white blood cell? Defense against disease

6. Handhold devices are called? Hardware

7 Ctrl + End?

8 What is the default font style of MS-Word?
Calibri Font

9. Who was the Mughal emperor before
Aurangzaib? Shah Jhan

10. Who became Governor General after Quaid-e Azam? Khawja Nazim ud Din

11. Mosul Dam, the most dangerous dam of the World is situated in? Iraq

12. Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Pipeline (TAPI). also known as “Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, is a natural gas pipeline which country include? Turkmenistan

13. When was the first battle fought by Muslims? 2 Hijrah (Ghazwa Badar)

14. Name of book revealed before Zaboor? Torait

15. What is the name of Faiz’s first poetry book? Naqsh e Farydibrushes

16. The birth place of Mirza Ghalib? Agra

17. Asian games held after how many years? Four Years M A PER 167S C (BPS – 16) -2019sed one Liner)

18. “Interfax” news agency belongs to which
country? Russia

19. Muzdalifa is situated between? Mina and Arafat

20. The seventh month of Islamic Calendar?

21. “Awaz Dost” is written by? Mukhtar Masood

22. Who created the character of Tout Batoot? Sufi Gulam Mustafa Tabbasum

23. Who created the character of Sherlock
Holmes? Sir Author Canon Doyle

24. Which Prophet is called Abu Basher? Hazrat Adam (A.S)

25. Which Dynasty ruled after Slave Dynasty? Khilji

26. Who was the freedom fighter? Rai Ahmad Khan Kharal of Jhamrah

27. How many seats won by All India Muslim League in 1945 Legislative Elections? 30 Seats

28. Battle of Neharvan was fought against?

29. In “BRICS” what is “S” include? South Africa

30. Which is the second largest province of
Pakistan by area? Punjab

31. “Butterfly” term used in? Swimming

32. Study of Handwriting is called? Graphology

33. What is the capital of Albania? Tirana

34. Fill in the blank: She learnt the poem
heart? By

35. Which UN organization deals with population? UNFPA

36. Which UN office deals with peacekeepingm ission? Security Council

37 Who was the first Pakistani selected as
President in UN General Assembly? Sir
Zafar-ullah Khan

38. Which Muslim Caliph had all his four sons Caliphs too? Abdul-Malik ibn Marwan

39. K-2 is situated in mountains range?
Kkarakorum Range

40. Mac Operating System (OS) is developed by an American Company? Apple Inc

41. Meaning of Euphemism? a word or phrase used to avoid saying an unpleasant or offensive word

42. Who was the captain of Pakistan Cricket
Team in 1992 World cup? Imran Khan

43. Name of current Governor of Punjab?
Muhammad Sarwar

44. Largest archipelago in the world? Indonesia

45. “Thimphu” is the Capital of? Bhutan

46. How to change font in MS Word by short key?: Ctrl+Shift+P

47. Skylab was launched from a United States space station and operated by NASA? May 14, 1973, 5:30 PM 48. 16 November is celebrated as? Tolerance day

49. Hazrat Ali (R.A) was martyred in which
month? Ramzan

50. Fill in the blank: We arrived the station
an hour late? at

51. Taj Mehal was built in which century? 17th Century (In 1648 by the order of Shah

52. Urdu defense association was an organization developed by? Mohsin-ul-Mulk

53. Vessels transport blood from organs to heart are called? veins

54. “Takht Bhai” an ancient place is situated in? Mardan

55. In which constitution Islam was declared as the state religion of Pakistan? In 1973 constitution

56. What is the angle of semi-circle? 180 degree

57. Tajikistan Assembly is called? Majlisi Oli

58. The tomb of Hazrat Madhu Lal Hussain is in? Lahore

59. Who presided the Muslim League Session in 1940? Quaid-e-Azam

60. What is the square root of 0.16? 0.4

61. When Nishan-e-Haider was awarded to Lalak Jan Shaheed in? 1999

62. Fill in the blank: They laughed….. him? at

66. Reason of left infected eye of Maharaja
Ranjeet Sing? Small pox

64. Which organization is not part of UN? World Trade Organization

65. Optical fibers are used in? Telecommunications

66. Red underlines in MS-Word illustrate?
Spelling mistake

67. Who was the last king of Afghanistan?
Muhammad Zahir Shah

68. One megawatt is equal to how many
kilowatts? 1000 kilowatts

69. Pakistan cricket team head coach name is? Mickey Arthur

70. Who arranged periodic table on the basis of atomic numbers of elements? Dmitri Mendeleev

71. Battle of Khwarij is also called as? Battle of Nahrawan

72. Shakarparian Park situated in? Islamabad

73. Jastin Trudeau is the President of? Canada

74. Current Chief Justice of Pakistan: Asif Saeed Khousa

75. A Bull in a China shop means? Aggressive and clumsy in a situation

76. Mother language of Quaid e Azam? Gujrati

78. Which command is used for saving the
document? Ctrl + S

79. What is the meaning of “ZENITH”? Center point of the Earth

80. In a game of 100 points. A can give B 20
points and C 28 points. Then B can give C?
10 Points

81. Shah Jehan spent his life in the jail of Agra Fort for? Eight years

82. By Default font used in MS Word 2007?

83. Grotesque synonyms? Bizarre

84. Which species of cat eat and hunted in
Group? (lion, cheetah, leopard, tiger)

85. Antonym of Deviation? Conformity

86. What is contraband? Banned Goods

87. Highest mountain in Alp Range? Mont Blanc

88. Synonym of Anomaly? Aberration

89. Buckingham Palace is the residence of British King and Queen Where is it situated?

90. The Headquarter of Common Wealth? United Kingdom (London)

91. Mirza Ghalib, the famous poet of the sub- continent, died in Dehli in the year? 1797

92. Who was the writer of “Raja Gidh”? Bano

93. Who was the writer of “Faseel-e Shab”? Mira Adeeb

94: Who was the writer of “Shakist”? Krishan Chandar

95. Which was the first “Novel” of Urdu? Mirat-ul-Aroos

96. “Marsiyah” is a word of which language?

97. Meaning of the Proverb: Do in Rome as the Romans do? Jesa Dais Wesa Bhais

98. How many lines in “Maqta”? Four Lines

99. What is the name of Faiz’s first poetry book? Naqsh-e Faryadi

100. In Urdu poetry what is the meaning of
“Matla’a”? Taloo Hony ki Jagah





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