PPSC Zilladar today Paper 13 September 2020

PPSC Zilladar today paper held in different divisions of Punjab. The paper was held at the same time on 13 September 2020 at different divisions of Punjab.

We are sharing Zilladar today PPSC Paper with you. We hope you will like our effort.

The PPSC Zilladar today Paper was according to the syllabus. The syllabus of Zilladar was given be PPSC.

According to our experience, the PPSC today Zilladar Paper was easy. But that paper was tough only those candidates who did not prepare the test very well.

Today Zilladar Paper which given by PPSC was taken from PPSC Model Paper by Imtiaz Shahid. We also suggested the PPSC Model Papers because most of the MCQs come from past papers.

PPSC Zilladar Paper 2020

  1. Cut selected item….ctrl+x
  2. Dynamite invented by…Alfred Nobel
  3. Who started ancient Olympic games… Greeks
  4. 1 kilo byte= 1024 bytes
  5. Indus treaty signed during the era of… Ayub
  6. Vilify antonym…to praise
  7. The rocky part of the earth is…crust
  8. Humidity in air measured by…Hygrometer
  9. Speakers are…output devices
  10. zam zam means…to stop
  11. Capital of Spain…Madrid
  12. River without delta…narmnda and St.lawrnce(Both)
  13. Bodies which usually fall from the sky on the Earth are called… meteors
  14. www invented by…Tim Berners-Lee
  15. Unicef HQs.New York
  16. Formosa old name of…Taiwan
  17. Cathy Pacific airline of…Hong kong
  18. 1st cabinet of Pakistan consisted of members..07
  19. AMBASSADOR OF Hindu Muslim unity…Quaid e Azam
  20. Mt.kilimanjro…Tanzania
  21. Current Governor-general of SBP…reza baqir
  22. Shirk opposite…tauheed
  23. Earthquake ..08 October 2005
  24. Gestapo secret police of. Germany
  25. Great bear lake…Canada
  26. The bicameral system introduced in the constitution…1973
  27. No of narration by Hazart Ayesah…2210
  28. Inveigh Synonym..remonstrate
  29. End in smoke…to come to nothing
  30. Carthage City…Tunisia


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