Today FPSC AD NAB Paper September 2020 All Batches

FPSC Assistant Director AD NAB today paper of all batches held in different Provinces of Pakistan. The FPSC AD NAB paper 2020 was three batches which held on 23 and 24 September 2020 at different divisions of Pakistan.

The FPSC Today Assistant Director AD NAB Paper 23 September 2020 All Batches were according to the syllabus. The AD NAB Paper 2020 of all batches were according to the FPSC syllabus.

Mostly MCQs of Today AD NAB Paper 2020 which given by FPSC was taken from FPSC Model Paper by Imtiaz Shahid. We also suggested the FPSC Model Papers because most of the MCQs come from past papers.

Assistant Director AD NAB today FPSC paper 23 September 2020 Batch 1

  1. After merging Fata how many seats in KPK assembly?
  2. how many years extension is given to the Army chief.
  3. which country left the EU in March 2020.
  4. Country biggest arms importer
  5. Ayodhya dispute of India name of the temple
  6. after Israel and Egypt which other two countries signed an agreement
  7. UK Prime minister name?
  8. which country attack with missiles on the US base in Iraq
  9. why US aviation forbade its airlines to fly in Pakistan
  10. plant health declared by which international organization
  11. which country requested a UNSC meeting in close doors on 18 Dec 2019.
  12. Youngest pm Sana belongs to which country
  13. OIC Secretary-General
  14. prince William visited Pakistan date
  15. Mali is declared dangerous by which international organization
  16. The PM of Azad Kashmir
  17. who replaced Justice Asif Saeed khosa
  18. how many Pakistani killed in church attack
  19. Shimla deputation led by
  20. Shimla conference date
  21. 17th amendment date
  22. second governor-general Pakistan
  23. one unit abolished a year
  24. Pm IK allocated how much budget to kamyab jawan loan
  25. 2019/20 defense budget
  26. IMF will pay how much to Pakistan within 3 years
  27. Who is the governor state Bank
  28. Birthdate of Holy prophet (PBUH).
  29. name of last Gazwa
  30. in the battle of Makah who was given the title of Saifullah
  31. Zoroastrian Holy book name
  32. Sahih Bukhari is implied by
  33. Umm al-Kitab is the title of which person
  34. value of zakat on silver
  35. Surah Ikhlas contains how many verses
  36. the oder number of surah al alaq first revealed in the Holy Quran
  37. Maternal side in the Arabic word

FPSC Assistant Director AD NAB today paper September 2020 Batch 2

  1. Which country joined SCO with Pakistan? INDIA
  2. Which year is declared as Plant health Year? 2020
  3. Who is the youngest bowler to hold a record of a hat trick? Naseem shah
  4. Pakistan bought Gwadar from? Oman
  5. PM addresses UN in 2019 on?18sep
  6. UK left EU formally on?31st January
  7. Which country is the largest producer of weapons?us
  8. The objective resolution was passed on?12mar 1949
  9. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy? Faiz Ahmad Faiz
  10. Ghazwa Badar was fought in which Hijri? 2 A.H
  11. Zulqarnain is mention in which surah?al kahf
  12. Which surah starts without Bismillah?Toba
  13. The name of the prophet Muhammad PBUH is mentioned how many times in Quran? 4
  14. Imam Bukhari was born in?143 A.H
  15. Army Act 2020 was passed on?31jan 2020
  16. Which organization released Gender Gap Index 2019? un women
  17. Which country recently changed its guardianship laws i.e. allowing women to go out alone without males?KSA
  18. Ka’abah was built by which prophet? Hazrat Ibrahim A.S
  19. FATA merge in Pakistan?
  20. 1 question related to sexual harassment? India
  21. Current national assembly of Pakistan? 14th
  22. Did swat become the state of Pakistan?
  23. How many times Hazrat Muhammad PBHU mentioned in Holy Qur’an?
  24. percentage of total polled votes in East Pakistan was secured by Awami League in the 1970 elections? 75 %
  25. Under Yahya’s LFO, what option National Assembly had if it couldn’t frame the constitution within 120 days? President will dissolve it
  26. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case? Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  27. How many Muslim seats were secured by All India Muslim League in the 1945-46 Election of Provincial assemblies? 425
  28. ho drafted the “Wardha Scheme” under the guidance of Gandhi? Dr. Zakir Hussain
  29. Under the Indus Water Treaty of 1960, Pakistan has the right to use exclusively the water of? Chenab, Jhelum, and Indus
  30. With regard to the division of power between Federation and Provinces, the Constitution of Pakistan (1962) was provided with Two lists of subjects

FPSC Assistant Director AD NAB paper September 2020 Batch 3

  1. Liaqat Ali Khan Assasination date?
  2. Pakistan Poverty & Hunger Index
  3. Making of Pakistan book written by?
  4. Which Arab country was first to abolish the kafala system?
  5. Simon’s commission date?
  6. Which lord ordered the partition of Bengal?
  7. The separate electorate for Muslims in which act?
  8. Pakistan ambassador to China?
  9. Current DG ISI?
  10. Which a royal couple of the UK left Royal Family?
  11. How much Pak & Kashmiri in the 2019 Parliament in UK?
  12. Which Muslim country banned the wearing of the veil in workplace?
  13. Aam ul Huzn which Nabvi?
  14. First, revealed book?
  15. No. of ayat in Sorah Baqrah?
  16. Abu Turab is Title of?
  17. Sulah hadibya was written by?
  18. which cricket team visited Pak in Sep and Oct 2019?
  19. To which country President Trump paid Thanksgiving visit?
  20. Who represented Pak in the World Refugees forum in. Geneva?
  21. Youngest Prime minister?
  22. Teen of Decade?
  23. which country landed on the dark side of the moon?
  24. Article 370?
  25. Kartarpur Corridor?
  26. tafsir kabir written by?
  27. Imam Humble was born in?
  28. 3rd round table conference?
  29. smallest prime number?
  30. Chairman NAB hands annual report to?
  31. If a case is to be transferred to another province then the application is written to?
  32. Transfer of cases in which article?
  33. Contempt of court punishments; imprisonment or fine or both?
  34. Article 25 of the ordinance?
  35. Pak & Afghan border Turkham is opened for 24/7 since?
  36. RCD annulment year?
  37. Pakistan Forest institute inaugurated on?

We are shared Today FPSC AD NAB Paper 23 September 2020 of All Batches with you. We hope you will like our efforts. If we have missed the MCQs of AD NAB Paper 2020 and you remember those MCQs then please mention those MCQs in the comment, we will add those MCQs of the Assistant Director NAB Paper in this post

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