9th Class Math Notes (Punjab Board PDF Download)

Math is one of the most compulsory subjects in the 9th class. Many students can’t pass math subjects in their exams because they don’t understand the math formulas and methods. So for those students, we have provided 9th Class Math Notes from the Punjab Board that will help you get an A+ in your exam.

9th Class Math Solutions PDF Download

Unit No.Unit NameDownload Link
1Metrics And DeterminantsDownload
2Real and Complex NumbersDownload
4Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic FormulasDownload
5Algebraic ManipulationDownload
6Algebraic ManipulationDownload
7Linear Equations and InequalitiesDownload
8Linear Graphs and Their ApplicationDownload
9Introduction to Coordinate GeometryDownload
10Congruent TrianglesDownload
11Parallelograms and TrianglesDownload
12Line Bisectors and Angels BisectorsDownload
13Sides and Angles of a TriangleDownload
14Ratio and ProportionDownload
15Pythagoras TheoremDownload
16Theorems Related to AreaDownload
17Practical Geometry-TrianglesDownload

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