PPSC Past Papers Pdf Free Download

PPSC Past Papers pdf free Download

If you want to Prepare the PPSC exam for getting good marks then download free and read the PPSC Past Papers in pdf format. These PPSC Solved Past Papers are very useful for the Preparation of the PPSC exam.

In this page, we are providing PPSC Past Papers in pdf format and also some main information about PPSC and give some tips for PPSC exam Preparation. We have also suggested some books which are very beneficial for the PPSC exam.

Now let’s know about PPSC and Past Papers

What is PPSC

What is PPSC

The Punjab Public Service Commission also known as PPSC is a government agency responsible for procuring and managing the services of the provincial civil services and administrative services in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.

The main purpose of PPSC is to select and recommend suitable candidates through a merit-based, transparent, and expeditious process. PPSC conduct exam for selection of suitable candidates.

In the provision of Punjab, PPSC conducts examinations and interviews for recruitment in different vacancies. It is not possible to pass the PPSC exam without any effort.

How to Prepare PPSC Exam

How to Prepare PPSC Exam

The Public Service Commission examination paper is of 100 marks, which includes MCQs of General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Islamic and Pak Studies, Every day Science, Best Arithmetic and English.

People dream of getting a good job by getting good marks in the Public Service Commission PPSC Exam.  Some steps must be followed to prepare for the PPSC test.

Detail Review of Syllabus

Review the syllabus that is given by PPSC for preparation of the Public Service Commission PPSC Exam.  And follow the syllabus which is given by PPSC. The Syllabus is beneficial for the candidate. Always Prepare any exam by following the syllabus.  Some people prepare the exam without looking at the syllabus.  Which is a waste of more time. Without Syllabus the PPSC exam is not well prepared.

Read PPSC Past Papers

Study Past Papers for preparation of the PPSC exam.  Because MCQs of past papers always repeat in the next exams.  People get good marks by reading past papers.  About 80% of people read past papers.  PPSC past papers are given on this page.

Focus on Important Topics

Always focus on the important topics to prepare for any test.  Read more that topics which are simpler and have more marks.  Information about easy and high marks portions is given in the syllabus. So first read and understand the syllabus.

Make a Time Table for study

The time table is a must for PPSC exam preparation. The candidate should create a specific timetable for his / her study and focus only on the book while studying. With 4 to 5 hours of continuous study daily, people get very good marks in the PPSC test.

Arrange Group Study with Friends

Candidates should always prepare the PPSC exam through group study.  Because in group study the concept of a candidate becomes completely clear. If the candidate does not understand anything, he can discuss it in the group.

Select Best Book for PPSC Exam Preparation

Always choose the best book to prepare for PPSC.  There are many books on the market for PPSC exam preparation.  But most of these books are irrelevant.  Candidates can choose the best book by reading this article completely.

By following the above six points, people get good marks by preparing for the PPSC test.  So you should also follow these points. If you follow these points, then you can get good marks in the PPSC exam.

Below video can be helpful for  preparing the PPSC Exam.

Which book is best for the PPSC Exam preparation?

Which book is best for PPSC exam preparation?

Always read the best book to prepare for the Public Service Commission test.  There are many books available in the market to prepare for the Public Service Commission exam.  But most of these books are not suitable for PPSC exam preparation.

The books of the three best publishers are more popular in the market for preparing the PPSC exam.  Their names are Dogar Brothers, Imtiaz Shahid, and Caravan Books.

We asked many successful candidates for the best book for the preparation of the PPSC test, most of them recommended Imtiaz Shahid Model Papers. We will try to upload the PPSC Imtiaz Shahid Latest Edition model Paper.

For the preparation of a portion of English, Islamic Studies, Every Day Science, Pak Studies in the examination of Federal or Punjab Public Service Commission, it is better to prepare a separate book called The Key to Success.  Because the books we have mentioned above contain only PPSC Past papers.

We suggest you a book Ilmi GK Capsules to prepare a portion of General Knowledge.  Because the portion of general knowledge is completely covered in Ilmi GK Capsules book. By reading this book, the portion of general knowledge can be covered up to 90%.

Remember!  For Preparation of any PPSC exam, only read the Latest Edition books.

PPSC Past Papers Pdf Free Download

You know, past papers are very useful for preparing any exam.  Because some MCQS of past papers always repeated. By looking at the Past papers, the candidate understands the paper pattern. Past papers give an idea of ​​what kind of questions there are.

We are talking about PPSC Past papers in this article.  Must read PPSC Old Papers.  Because reading past papers is very beneficial.  We have also mentioned some books above. Which are best for PPSC test preparation.  Because these books have included PPSC past papers of the last five to ten years.

Many people study only PPSC Past papers to prepare for the PPSC exam. While they do not read any other book. They may pass by reading PPSC solved Past papers but they will not get good marks. Because just past papers are not enough to pass the PPSC test.

We are sharing PPSC Past Papers so that people can read Past Papers and prepare exams better. This is not to say that you should just read PPSC past papers and not other books.  It is not enough to pass the PPSC exam but it is necessary to reach on merit. It is necessary to study as much as possible to get on merit.

As many PPSC Papers have been held in the last five years.  Below are links to all of them.

  1. Junior Clerk Past Papers
  2. Sub Inspector Past Papers
  3. PPSC Patrol Officer Past Papers
  4. PPSC Assistant Past Papers
  5. Excise and Taxation Past Papers
  6. Assistant Director of Anti Corruption Past Papers
  7. Lecturer Mathematics Past Solved Papers
  8. Assistant Sub Inspector Past Papers

For reading more repeated PPSC Past Paper MCQs see below video.

Key to Success

If you are thinking that you will pass the PPSC exam without any effort then this is your misunderstanding.  Because it is difficult to pass the PPSC exam without any effort. If you pass the PPSC exam without any effort but keep in mind you will not get good marks.

Work hard and more effort to get good marks in any PPSC exam. Always study PPSC Past papers, choose the best book for PPSC preparation, and focus on the PPSC syllabus.

Hopefully, these PPSC Past Papers can prove useful to you in the PPSC Exam. Our best wishes are always with you.


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