FPSC Past Papers (Download Pdf for Free)

If you are looking for FPSC Past Papers to prepare for the Federal Public Service exam, then look no further.

Today we are going to explain how to prepare for the FPSC exam and provide you with the links of FPSC Past Papers in pdf.

What is FPSC?

The Federal Public Service Commission, also known as the FPSC, is a federal government agency responsible for recruiting government employees and bureaucrats on merit for the government of Pakistan.

How to Prepare for the FPSC Exam

As mentioned above, Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) recruits government employees. But the Federal Public Service Commission takes an exam and the candidate who gets higher marks and merit in the exam is recruited for a government job.

Many people ask where and how to prepare for the FPSC exam.

There are many model papers in the market for FPSC test preparation. Good marks can be obtained in the Federal Public Service Commission exam by studying model papers.

Model papers of two publishers are most popular for FPSC exam preparation. Imtiaz Shahid and Caravan Model Papers.

Most people like Imtiaz Shahid’s Model Papers because this model paper includes all the questions of Past Papers with Answers.

We also recommend you Imtiaz Shahid’s Model Papers for Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Exam Preparation.

FPSC Past Papers PDF Download

Past papers are very important in any Federal Public Service Commission exam. If you want to get good marks in the FPSC exam, you must study FPSC Past Papers. We have also shared all types of FPSC Past Papers in the pdf below.

FPSC Past Papers are very important for FPSC exam preparation. Because the examiner may make all the questions in the exam from Federal Public Service Commission Past Papers. Therefore, it is necessary to study past papers.

To prepare for the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) exam you must see the syllabus that is given by Federal Public Service Commission. Most people do not see the syllabus which is why they do not get good marks.

Study the past papers to prepare for the FPSC exam as 80% to 90%of the exam questions are taken from the past papers. You can obtain 80 plus marks easily in any FPSC exam by reading the FPSC Past Papers.

For FPSC Past Papers you can also take Imtiaz Shahid Model Papers that have all Past Papers of FPSC with Questions and answers.

We have shared below some FPSC Past Papers in PDF which can be helpful for you in any FPSC Exam.

  1. FPSC SST General Past Papers
  2. FPSC IB Past Papers
  3. FPSC Custom Inspector Past Papers
  4. FPSC Intelligence Officer Past Papers
  5. FPSC Junior National Saving Officer Past Papers
  6. FPSC NAB Past Papers
  7. FPSC Custom Intelligence Past Papers
  8. FPSC Administrative Past Papers
  9. FPSC Accountant Past Papers
  10. FPSC Junior Patrol Officer Past Papers
  11. Assistant Director Immigration and Passport Past Papers
  12. FPSC SST English Past Papers
  13. FPSC Assistant Executive Engineer Past Papers
  14. FPSC Screening Past Papers
  15. FPSC Senior Auditor Past Papers
  16. FPSC Electrical Engineering past Papers
  17. FPSC FBR Past Papers PDF
  18. FPSC ASF Past Papers PDF
  19. FPSC Ministry of Defence Past Papers
  20. FPSC Past Papers for Assistant Director
  21. FPSC Election Officer Past Papers
  22. FPSC Teacher Past Papers
  23. FPSC ANF Past Papers PDF


Many testing services in Pakistan take examinations for different job vacancies now and then. There are thousands of opportunities to get a decent job. But we all need to prepare before proceeding with something. Likewise in the jobs too. Today we have provide you the platform of FPSC past papers of every vital job. So download it from the given links and prepare yourself for it.

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