Accounting and Auditing MCQs (Pdf Download)

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Accounting and Auditing MCQs (Pdf Download)

Q. The inventor of double-entry bookkeeping is:

a) F.W.Taylor

(b) Henry Fayol

(c) Lucas Pacioli

Q. The sources, application statement, and funds flow statement are:

(a) Synonymous

(b) Antagonistic

(c) None of these.

Q. Spirit depreciation is comparable to:

(a) Depletion

(b) Amortization

(c) Depression

Q. Always prepare a balance sheet:

(a) For the year ended.

(b) As on a specified date.

(c) None of these

Q. The following profit and loss accounts are created in the insurance industry:

(a) Separate for Fire, Marine, and Accidents etc.

(b) Consolidated for (a) above.

(c) None of these

Q. Today, Pakistani partners can be reached at the following numbers:

(a) 20

(b) 50

(c) 75

Q. A flexible budget has the following characteristics:

(a) Changes with volume of production.

(b) Changes with variable expenses

(c) Changes in Direct material.

Q. Break even can be determined as follows:

(a) ______VC_______ FC- TR TC

(b) FC I- VC TR

(c) None of these.

Q. The quick ratio can be calculated as follows:

(a) Quick . Assets/Quick Liabilities

(b) Quick. Liabilities Current Assets

(c) Current Assets/ Current Liabilities

Q. The written down value of a fixed asset under the straight line method of depreciation will be as follows at the end of the asset’s useful life:

(a) Rupee one

(b) Rupee zero

(c) None of these

Q. Budget for sales must be created:

(a) Independently

(b) Depending on production capacity

(c) Based on Sales forecasts of market.

Q. In Pakistan, unlisted holding company balance sheets now include consolidation of subsidiary accounts:

(a) Compulsory

(b) Voluntary

(c) Required

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