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Agriculture MCQs In Pakistan (Ppsc, Nts, Fpsc)

Q. The majority of jobs in Pakistan are produced by the agricultural industry

A. 39.0

B. 40.5

C. 42.0

D. 43.5

Q. Pakistan’s first agricultural reforms

A. June 24, 1959

B. Jan 24, 1956

C. Jan 30, 1959

D. Jan 24, 1959

Q. Which of the following describes Pakistan’s largest economic sector?

A. Banking

B. Industry

C. Agriculture

D. Manufacturing

Q. In Pakistan, how many growing seasons are there?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. None of the above.

Q. What are the sucking-type insects that attack cotton?

A. Jassids and thrips

B. Wlutefly and jassids

C. Thrips and whitefly

D. All the above

Q. Insects of the sucking variety are managed by ?

A. Chlorinated hydrocarbons

B. Pyrethroids

C. Organo-phosphatcs

D. Botanical pesticides

Q. The granular formulation is frequently used to regulate what?

A. Jassids and thrips

B. Leaf minors

C. Fruit and stem borers

D. Whitefly

Q. What are cockroach cutworms, grasshoppers, stem borer, and fruit borers?

A. Sucking type insects

B. Chewing type insects

C. Jumping type insects

D. None of the above

Q. What is the name of the structure that resembles a thread and surrounds the insect’s pupal stage (the silk worm)?

A. Silk

B. Typhoon

C. Cocoon

D. None of the above

Q. What is the name of the organ in insects that functions like a heart?

A. Vena Cava

B. Dorsal Vessel

C. Spiracles

D. None of the above

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