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Analytical Reasoning MCQs With Solution (NTS, PPSC, FPSC)

Q. That whatever follows must be accurate.

A. W flies the Monday morning flight

B. X flies the Monday afternoon flight

C. Y flies the Tuesday morning flight

D. W flies the Thursday morning flight

E. Z flies the Thursday afternoon flight

Q. Which of the following must be true if X flies on Friday morning?

A. X does not fly on Monday afternoon

B. V flies on Friday afternoon

C. W flies Thursday morning

D. Y flies Thursday morning

E. Neither W nor Y flies Thursday morning

Q. Which of the following statements must be true if X only operates one morning flight per week?

A. W flies exactly two days during the week

B. X flies exactly three days during the week

C. Y flies only one day during the week

D. Z flies Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon

E. X flies more times during the week than V

Q. All of the above must be true, EXCEPT, if W is not scheduled to fly at all this week.

A. X flies on Monday morning

B. V flies on Monday afternoon

C. Y flies on Thursday morning

D. Z flies on Friday afternoon

E. X flies on Friday morning

Q. How many of the nine people should serve on committee C if Zeeshan and Danish are the members of committee B?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

(E) 6

Q. The maximum number of the nine people that can serve concurrently on committee C is

(A) 5

(B) 6

(C) 7

(D) 8

(E) 9

Q. Which of the following should be on committee A if Ahmed is the only person serving on committee B?

(A) Bilal and Danish

(B) Bilal and Faisal

(C) Bilal and Liaquat

(D) Faisal and Haroon

(E) Danish and Haroon

Q. Which of the following individuals could not be a candidate to serve on committee A if any of the nine people are members of committee C?

(A) Ahmed

(B) Bilal

(C) Danish

(D) Liaquat

(E) Shiza

Q. If committee B’s only members are Maryam, Danish, and Bilal, the full membership of committee C should be

(A) 5

(B) 4

(C) 3

(D) 2

(E) 1

Q. The members of committee C should be Bilal, Danish, and Maryam if they are the only people serving on committee B.

(A) Haroon and Shiza

(B) Maryam and Zeeshan

(C) Shiza and Zeeshan

(D) Faisal and Shiza

(E) Haroon and Maryam

Q. Which of the following combinations might make up committee C’s membership?

(A) Danish and Shiza

(B) Faisal and Maryam

(C) Liaquat, Maryam and Shiza

(D) Faisal, Haroon and Liaquat

(E) Ahmed, Faisal, Maryam and Zeeshan

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