Antonym MCQs (PDF Download)

MCQs of Antonym are most powerful when it comes to preparing for any competitive exam. By reading the Antonym MCQs deeply, you can improve your performance on any upcoming exam. Moreover, by reading these Antonym MCQs and Answers, you can check your preparation to see if there is anything left in Antonym’s portion and you will encounter new, unfamiliar questions. Here, I am providing you with MCQs of Antonym in Pdf that is very important for getting good grace and obtaining a job in the department of your choice.

Antonym MCQs (PDF Download)

Q. EXPAND’s opposite is __, right?

A. Congest

B. Conclude

C. Convert

D. Condense

Q. What word best describes the opposite of artificial?

A. Red

B. Solid

C. Truthful

D. Natural

Q. The opposite of ENORMOUS is

A. Fragile

B. Weak

C. Tiny

D. Soft

Q. The opposite of RECONDITE is

A. Hermetic

B. Manifest

C. Pedantic

D. Occult

Q. GUMPTION’s opposite is

A. Apathy

B. Nerve

C. Initiative

D. Sagacity

Q. The opposite of PIQUE is

A. Hurt

B. Irk

C. Joy

D. Huff

Q. SARTORIAL’s opposite is

A. Homespun

B. Cheerful

C. Inelegant

D. Sincere

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