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The auditing MCQs from the previous six years’ papers are listed in this article along with their PDF answers. The most effective auditing MCQs for exam preparation are those. You can improve your performance in any upcoming exam once you have thoroughly reviewed the Auditing MCQs.

Candidates should always study the auditing MCQs when preparing for the auditing exam. Understanding the MCQ format used in the Auditing exam is essential.

Auditing MCQs (FPSC, NTS, PPSC)

Q. What does a business or a systematic review of the books and records entail?

A. Auditing

B. Vouching

C. Verification

D. Checking

Q. The word “audit” comes from the Latin word “audire,” which means what?

A. To inspect

B. To examine

C. To hear

D. To investigate

Q. What is the main purpose of an audit?

A. Expression of opinion

B. Detection and Prevention of fraud and error

C. Both (A) and (B)

D. Depends on the type of audit.

Q. What is an auditor like in comparison to?

A. Blood haunt

B. Watch dog

C. May both according to situation

D. None of these

Q. What is the procedure for confirming transactional documentation known as?

A. Auditing

B. Testing

C. Vouching

D. Verification

Q. For which of the following is auditing required?

A. Small scale business

B. Partnership firms

C. Joint stock Companies

D. Proprietary Concerns

Q. What is the term for concealing a shortage by postponing the recording of cash receipts?

A. Embezzlement

B. Misappropriation

C. Lapping

D. None of these

Q. The primary goal of an organization’s audit is to ?

A. Protect the interests of the minority shareholders

B. Detect and prevent errors and fraud

C. Assess the effectiveness of the company’s performance

D. Attest to the credibility of the company’s accounts

Q. Stewardship implies that a corporation’s directors________________?

A. Are responsible for ensuring that the company complies with the law

B. Are responsible for ensuring that the company pays its tax by the due date

C. Safeguard the company’s assets and manage them on behalf of the shareholders

D. Report suspected fraud and money laundering to the authorities

Q. Why do auditors focus their attention on significant things in accounts?

A. Because they are easier to audit

B. Because it reduces the audit time

C. Because the risk to the accounts of their being incorrectly stated is greater

D. Because the directors have asked for it

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