Behavioural Sciences MCQs (PDF Download)

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Behavioural Sciences MCQs (PDF Download)

Q. The Bio-Psycho-Social (BPS) paradigm of healthcare is best summarised as follows in the field of behavioural sciences:

a) The management of psychological and social issues of patients.

b) Biological aspects of disease being more important than psychosocial

c) Use of social and psychological factors alongside the biological aspects of
the illness.

d) A method in which a patient should be seen by a psychologist and a
social worker.

e) A system practiced mostly in the developed world.

Q. Asad, who was 12 years old, did not require notification that he had failed his tests. When he got home, he could tell what his outcome was by the expressions on his father’s face and the way he was standing. This is an illustration of:

a) Involvement of visual modality

b) Non-verbal communication

c) Effective communication

d) Extra sensory perception (ESP)

e) Facial cues.

Q. The most accurate statement in relation to counselling is:

a) It is done by trained counsellors.

b) It is about giving the best possible advice.

c) It is not an ordinary everyday conversation.

d) It involves empathy and compassion

e) It is a technique to help people help themselves by increasing self

Q. One typical misunderstanding about counselling is that it:

a) Involves giving direct advice to clients.

b) Is done exclusively by psychologists.

c) Is synonymous with psychotherapy.

d) Is most effective in psychiatric patients.

e) Requires regular daily sessions.

Q. In order to resolve conflicts,

a) Dealing with difficult issues sooner rather than later.

b) Taking regular physical exercise.

c) Not expressing your expectations.

d) Giving vent to feelings by debates and arguments.

e) Giving people what they want.

Q. Which of the following ethical considerations makes up the bulk of the Hippocratic Oath:

a) Confidentiality

b) Sexual boundaries

c) Advertising

d) Bribery

e) Doctor’s rights

Q. A female patient shows up at the doctor’s office dressed provocatively. She approaches the doctor extremely closely and begins speaking to him seductively while asking him intimate questions. What should the doctor do in this situation?

a) Refuse to examine her.

b) Call in a nurse.

c) Use open ended questioning technique.

d) Ask about her personal life

e) Refer her to another doctor.

Q. Which of the following describes why patients are most likely to heed medical advice:

a) The illness has serious symptoms.

b) The doctor is elderly.

c) The illness is chronic.

d) The treatment schedule is complex

e) The doctor has taken time to provide Informational Care to the patient.

Q. The foetus may die without surgery, but a capable 30-year-old woman who is 38 weeks pregnant refuses to have a caesarean birth. Her psychiatrist and surgeon have both failed to persuade her to undertake the procedure. At this point, the best course of action for her surgeon to pursue is to:

a) Get permission from her Husband to do the surgery.

b) Get a court order in favour of surgery.

c) Tell the patient that she can be criminally prosecuted if the child dies.

d) Deliver the child vaginally.

e) Refer the patient to another doctor.

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Branches of Science
Chemistry MCQs Notes
Discoveries & Inventions MCQs Notes
Disease MCQs Notes
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Measurements & Weights MCQs Notes
Phobias MCQs Notes
Physics MCQs Notes
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Analogy & its types MCQs Notes
Antonyms MCQs Notes
Antonyms from past papers MCQs Notes
Idioms MCQs Notes
Parts of speech & use of preposition MCQs Notes
Phrases MCQs Notes
Prepositions MCQs Notes
Synonyms & antonyms MCQs Notes
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Computer Related Abbreviations MCQs Notes
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