Business Communication MCQs (PDF Download)

Reading through MCQs is one of the best ways to succeed on any department exam. Business communication MCQs are the most effective for preparing for any competitive exam. You can improve your performance in any upcoming exams once you have thoroughly read the business communication MCQs.

By reading through these Business Communication MCQs with Answers, you may evaluate your preparation to see if there are any gaps in the Business Communication section, and you’ll also come across some brand-new MCQs that you haven’t encountered in books.

This article’s objective is to give you the MCQs in Business Communication in Pdf that are crucial for landing a job in the department of your choice and maintaining excellent standing.

Business Communication MCQs (PDF Download)

Q. Information sharing between two or more people that is ongoing is referred to as communication.

a. Efforts

b. Feedbacks

c. Gestures

d. Movements

Q.Communication can take place alone.

a. True

b. False

Q. Which of the following is not an identified as a communication barrier?

a. Physical noise

b. Physiological noise

c. Psychological noise

d. Physically challenged

Q. What forms of communication are there?

a. Verbal communication

b. Nonverbal communication

c. Both a and b

d. None

Q. You can’t avoid communicating nonverbally.

a. True

b. False

Q. Describe Jargon.

a. Name of the individual

b. Name of the organization

c. Technical term

d. Name of the country

Q. What does the term “Haptic” mean?

a. Communication through touch

b. Communication through words

c. Communication through letters

d. Communication through emails

Q. Negative emotions are connected to the colours yellow and green.

a. True

b. False

Q. Which of the following does not fall within the category of communication?

a. Two way face-to-face

b. Multiple but not face-to-face

c. Two-way non-face-to-face

d. One-way non-face-to-face

Q. For _ coordination, peer communication is crucial.

a. Functional

b. Organizational

c. Managerial

d. Statistical

Q. Given that they are the __ of the company, shareholders are crucial internal stakeholders.

a. Managers

b. Owners

c. Directors

d. Union Members

Q. Meetings, correspondence, and/or advertisements are all options for communicating with shareholders.

a. True

b. False

c. None

Q. Which of the following describes the communication flow within an organisation?

a. Upward communication

b. Downward communication

c. Horizontal communication

d. All of above

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