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The Chemistry MCQs with answers in pdf from the previous six years’ papers are listed in this article. Chemistry MCQs are among the most effective for exam preparation. Once you have thoroughly reviewed the Chemistry MCQs, you can improve your performance in any upcoming exam.

Candidates should always practice chemistry MCQs when preparing for the exam. Understanding the kinds of MCQs that will be asked on the Chemistry exam is essential.

Chemistry MCQs For Entry Test (NTS, PPSC, FPSC)

Q. An atom’s diameter is on the order of

A. 0.2m

B. 0.2mm

C. 0.2nm

D. 0.2pm

Q. Which of the following is a species that is isoelectronic?

A. H+ HH-

B. Li+ Na+ K+

C. C1- Br- I

D. F- Ne Na+

Q. The mass spectrometer is used to calculate an isotope’s mass number and

A. Atomic number

B. Relative abundance

C. Electronic configuration

D. All of the above

Q. the passage of molecular ions

A. High energy electron beam

B.  – particle

C. X-rays

D. All of the above

Q. The amount of peaks found using mass spectrometry demonstrates

A. Relative abundance

B. The average mass of the element

C. Number of isotopes

D. Relative isotopic mass

Q. Chloroform’s empirical formula is

A. CH2 C12

B. CH3C1

C. CC14

D. CHC13

Q. Which of the following statements concerning isotopes is accurate?

A. Same number of neutrons

B. Same mass number

C. Same physical properties

D. Same chemical properties

Q. Water’s molecular weight (18g) indicates

A. 1-mole molecules of water

B. 1-gram molecule of water

C. 3-gram atoms

D. all

Q. Which ion creation out of the following is always exothermic?

A. Uni-negative

B. Uni-positive

C. Di-negative

D. Di-positive

Q. Which of the aforementioned isotope-related claims is true?

A. Isotopes with the odd atomic number are abundant

B. Isotopes with the odd atomic number and even mass number are abundant

C. Isotopes with an even atomic number and even mass number are abundant

D. Isotopes with an even atomic number and odd mass no are abundant

Q. The sample of an element’s isotopes that does not require vaporisation in the vaporisation chamber

A. Gas

B. Liquid

C. Volatile solid

D. All

Q. The amount of CO2 in one mole.

A. 6.022 x 1023 atoms of oxygen

B. 22-gram electrons

C. 6.022 x 1023 atoms of carbon

D. both b & c

Q. The Avogadro number could signify

A. volume of particles

B. number of particles

C. mass of particles

D. All of the above

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