8th Class English Notes (Punjab Board PDF)

English is a compulsory subject and for the 8th class, English notes are also essential for their preparation for the board exam. The English notes included the lessons, summaries, exercises, and a review of lesson-solved questions. The second portion of these notes included grammar, essays, letters, direct indirect, passive voices, application, sentence structuring, comprehensive, and some other material.

6th Class English Notes

These English notes for class 8 included solved past papers. These previous papers’ questions will the students to get good marks in exams. So download these notes free of cost in PDF and also share them with friends and social media platforms.

Click on the links below to access Punjab Textbook Board English Notes for Class 8.

Key Feature of 8th Class English Notes

There are some key features of these english notes. These are

  • Notes cover all the the lessons on Punjab textbook board. Also covers their exercises and grammar MCQs at the end of each lesson.
  • The poems and their summaries are also included in these English notes. The summaries are of two formats (easy and standard)
  • There are solved review exercises in every four lessons. These review exercises are also included in the Punjab textbook board but in the textbook answers are not written.
  • The grammar portion is also included in these English notes. The grammar starts from tenses, sentence structuring, part of speech, etc.
  • The essay, letters, application, and stories are also included in these notes.
  • At the end of these notes, some english past papers were also added to help the students to check the exam pattern.

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