Coordination and Control MCQs (PDF Download)

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Coordination and Control MCQs (PDF Download)

Q. Chlorosis, or the yellowish tint on the foliage, is caused by

A. Accumulation of toxic waste products in leaves.

B. Deficiency of chlorophyll.

C. Short supplies of mineral nutrients in the soil.

D. All of these

Q. Chemically speaking, auxins

A. Indole propionic acid.

B. Indole carboxylic acid.

C. Indole acetaldehyde

D. Indole acetic acid

Q. Gibberellins can be used in place of Natural light to encourage flowering in plants with lengthy days.

A. White

B. Red

C. Blue

D. Green

Q. Which of the following inhibits the growth-promoting effects of auxin?

A. Gibberellins

B. Cytokinins

C. Abscisic Acid

D. none of these

Q. Which of the following is antagonistic to abscisic acid in terms of flowering? Abscisic acid promotes flowering in short day plants and inhibits it in long day plants.

A. Gibberellins

B. Cytokinins

C. Auxins

D. Ethene

Q. The sole hormone in the list of plant hormones that promotes leaf senescence is:

A. Gibberellins

B. Cytokinins

C. Auxins

D. Abscisic Acid

Q. Which of the following strategies does the brewing business employ to encourage malting?

A. Gibberellins

B. Cytokinins

C. Auxins

D. Abscisic Acid

Q. What kind of receptors are located in the ear?

A. Chemoreceptors

B. Mechanoreceptors

C. Photoreceptors

D. Thermoreceptors

Q. Nociceptor types of sensations include:

A. Touch

B. Temperature.

C. Pressure

D. Pain

Q. Which sensory organs that convey touch sensations are found in the papillae that extend into the ridges of the fingertips?

A. Hair end organs

B. Meissner’s Corpuscles.

C. Pacinian corpuscles

D. None of these

Q. What kind of sensory organs are responsible for deep pressure and vibration perception?

A. Hair end organs

B. Meissner’s Corpuscles.

C. Pacinian corpuscles.

D. none of these.

Q. Where do Nissl’s granules reside in the neuron?

A. Axoplasm

B. Myelin sheath.

C. Dendrite.

D. Soma.

Q. Which of the following claims regarding neurons is untrue?

A. They not only conduct impulses but also generate them.

B. They are not the only cellular component of the nervous system.

C. They may show limited regenerative capabilities

D. Like all the living cell, when they mature and divide to form similar cells.

Q. The following types of neurons are only present in the CNS:

A. Sensory neurons

B. Motor neurons

C. Associative neurons

D. None of these.

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