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What is the Election Commission

The Election Commission of Pakistan is an independent, autonomous, permanent, and the constitutionally established federal body responsible for the organization, conducting, and delimitation of elections to the national assembly, the provincial assemblies, local governments, the office of the President of Pakistan, and preparation of electoral rolls.

Function and Duties of Election Commission (Officer0 Job

The functions performed by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) are defined and set by the constitution of Pakistan in Article 219, which charges the commission with the following duties.

  • To prepare electoral rolls for National and Local Assemblies and revise them annually
  • to organize and conduct elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies (Senate seats are filled by the president)
  • to organize and conduct elections to the Local Government institutions; to appoint election tribunals
  • To resolve disqualification cases involving members of Parliament and Assemblyman assemblies.
  • To handle the Election to the Office of the President as per the Second Schedule to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Constitution.
  • To conduct Referendum as and when required, by the President.

Test Pattern and Syllabus

The election officer test has 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covering the topics listed below. The total test time is 90 minutes.

The election officer paper syllabus is given below

  • English (30 MCQs)
  • Elections Act 2017 (30 MCQs)
  • Islamiyat (10 MCQs)
  • Pakistan Affairs (10 MCQs)
  • Current Affairs (10 MCQs)
  • Everyday Science (10 MCQs).

Election Commission Officer Past Papers PDF Download

Election commission officer past papers (ECP) will help you prepare for your election commission bps-17 exam, as it has collected questions that are repeated in every exam and follows the syllabus.

Below, you can download the election officer’s past papers in pdf format free of cost.

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