Etea English MCQs (PDF Download)

Reading through MCQs is one of the best ways to succeed on any department exam. The Etea English MCQs are the most effective for preparing for any competitive exam. You can improve your performance in any upcoming exams once you have thoroughly read the Etea English MCQs.

By reading through these Etea English MCQs with Answers, you may evaluate your preparation to see if Etea English is still something you need to focus on. You will also come across brand-new MCQs that you haven’t seen in books.

The MCQs of Etea English in Pdf that I will be giving you in this article are crucial for earning good grades and landing a job in the department of your choice.

Etea English MCQs (PDF Download)

Q. There is no chance that __ will be late.

A. them

B. they

C. theirs

D. their

Q. Parents were __ with his outcome.

A. on

B. from

C. at

D. about

Q. His statements reflect his lack of interest.

A. at

B. on

C. of

D. to

Q. Meaning of “cap it all”?

A.  To cover everything

B.  To seize everything

C.  To finish

D.  To occur

Q. What does “never-never land” mean?

A.  An ideal pace

B.  Dreamland

C.  A worthless place

D.  A useless situation

Q. What does “Hornet’s nest” mean?

A. A bee’s house

B. A violent situation

C. A  good situation

D. A dangerous place

Q. He likes to draw a lot.

A. to

B. of

C. in

D. on

Q. I’m trying to get _ into a private or public university.

A. both

B. until

C. either

D. neither

Q. Theif is pluralized as .

A. Thiefs

B. Thiefes

C. Thievse

D. Thieves

Q. Switch up the narration. The sun is stationary, he declared.

A. He said that the sun is stationary.

B. He said that the sun was stationary.

C. He said the sun is stationary.

D. None of these

Q. the opposite of DWARF

A. Giant

B. Tiny

C. Huge

D. Enormous

Q. “pococurante” has the antonym .

A. Native

B. Hot

C. Blase

D. Hidden

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