Everyday Science MCQs with Answers

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Branches of Science & Studies

1 What is Acoustics?

(a) Science of waves

(b) Science of sound 

(c) Science of light

(d) Science of radiography

2. In the treatment of diseases, what is called the use of sunbaths?

(a) Aerodynamics

(b) Aeronautics

(c) Aero engineering

(d) Heliotherapy

3. Agronomy deals with:

(a) management of soil

(b) production of field crops

(c) None of these

(d) both of these

4. Which branch of science deals with the possibility of a life of plants other than the 14 earth?

(a) Exobiology

(b) Ballistics

(c) Transpiration

(d) None of these

5. The term Anatomy refers to:

(a) Scientific study of the structure of plants and animals

(b) Describe the arrangement of the parts of the body of a planet or animal in relation to each other.

(c). Both of them

(d) None of them

6. Anaesthesiology deals with the

(a) administration before & during childbirth

(b) surgery of anesthetics

(c) both of these

(d) none of these

7. The science of celestial bodies is known as:

(a) Carpology

(b) Radio astronomy

(c) Agronomy

(d) Astronomy

8. What is Ornithology?

(a) Study and knowledge of the universe.

(b) Study and knowledge of birds

(c) Study and knowledge of Earth

(d) Study of Astrology

9. What is Biochemistry?

(a) study of animals by looking at chemicals they contain

(b) study of plants by looking at chemicals they contain

(c) None of these

(d) both of these

10. What is called the art of silkworm breeding and production of raw silk?

(a) Chemistry

(b) Microbiology Cariere

(c) Sericulture(d) None