GAT General Past Papers (Solution PDF)

GAT General Past Papers are a significant advantage for students who want to get admission in Ms and Mphil. Past Papers for GAT mostly consist of the questions asked in the previous years and are important to remember for exams. Students who solve these GAT Past papers are well-prepared for the exam and will be able to answer questions better than those who have not solved the past paper.

After completing an education of 16 years, many students want to get in admission in MS, M.phill and PhD.

After applying for the GAT General Test, the first thing that comes to mind for students is the preparation for the GAT General Test. GAT General Test preparation can only be done by Past Papers of the GAT General Test. These degrees are offered by the public as well as private universities.

Here, we will provide you with GAT General Past Papers in pdf format with a download option. As GAT is an assessment test. By which oneโ€™s aptitude can be evaluated. For the GAT test, preparation from Past papers is necessary.

What is GAT?

GAT is abbreviated as Graduate Assessment Test. As two tests are offered by NTS. One is NAT (National Aptitude Test) and the other is GAT (Graduate Assessment Test). Both these tests have their purpose, goals or aim. NAT aims to get admission of students to colleges and universities. While GAT aims in getting admission of graduates at post graduate level.  

So, getting admission to universities GAT is must be essential.  Graduate  Assessment Tests are of two kinds. GAT Test and GAT Subject. GAT Test aims for admission in MS and M.Phill. programme. GAT Subject aims for admission in the PhD programme. GAT General test is valid for two years for admission in M. Phill and HEC scholarship.

 GAT General Test is a standardised test always taken by NTS. NTS-GAT is also known as GRE Local. It is generally conducted after two months by NTS. So, GAT General Test is conducted  5times a year. Candidates who have completed their 16 years of education, will be able to appear for GAT- General Test.

  As it is above mentioned that GAT General Test is a test for getting admission in MS, M.Phil and HEC Scholarship. GAT General Test is a qualification test among students.

Types Of GAT General Test.

There are four types of GAT General Test for candidates from different fields.

  • GAT A

It is a graduate Assessment test for Business and Engineering students.

  • GAT B

It is Graduate Assessment Test for Art, Humanities and Social science students.

  • GAT C

It is Graduate Assessment Test for Agriculture, Veterinary,  Biological and Related Science students.

  • GAT D

It is a Graduate Assessment Test for Religious studies (who comes  from Madrassa)

GAT- TypeVerbal SectionQuantitive SectionAnalytical Section
 35 MCQs35 MCQs30 MCQs
GAT B50 MCQs30 MCQs20 MCQs
GAT C45 MCQs35 MCQs20 MCQs
GAT D50 MCQs30 MCQs20 MCQs

GAT Test Pattern

The pattern of any test plays a key role in the preparation of any test. Students can get an idea of the GAT test patterns by GAT General Past Papers. By pattern, one can prepare himself/ herself for the test. And manages his/ her test on time.  Like another test Graduate Assessment Test also has a pattern because it is the basic thing for GAT preparation. In GAT General Test, verbal, quantitative, and analytical questions are involved. For passing this GAT General Test one should follow the pattern of the GAT General Test. So, the GAT pattern is as

  • 30 Problem-solving question
  • 6 Antonyms
  • 6 Synonyms
  • 6 Analogies
  • 6 Reading Comprehension
  • 6 Sentence Completion
  • 30 Analytical Reasoning
  • 10 Logical Reasoning

Note: No of the questions may vary.

  • 100 MCQs with 100 marks  
  • 120 minutes (2 hours) time allowed
  • No negative marking

Preparation of GAT General Test.

Preparation for any test is essential. During preparation, practice is important. Because by practice one can get an idea about any test. As it is famous that practice makes a person perfect. And this GAT General Test is done by past papers. These past papers may be available in the form of books. Nowadays, the world become a Global Village due to new technology. Internet is available to everyone. So, one can download GAT General Test in pdf format with a solution. It is a very easy way and it is not expensive. So, everyone can be benefited from this way of preparing for the GAT General Test.

GAT General Past Papers with Solutions PDF

As, after applying for GAT General Test, the first thing that comes to the mind of the student is the preparation for GAT Test. So, students should prepare for their tests by past papers. Past papers are composed of great information and an idea about the GAT General Test. One can follow the past papers of the GAT General Test in every situation if they want to get good marks on GAT General Test. So that they become able to get admission for MS, M.Phill and PhD.  

I hope that you agree with me about the preparation for the GAT General Test by Past papers is necessary. Because these past papers of GAT General Test give the idea to students for preparation of GAT General Test and capable themselves for getting high marks and admission in colleges and universities for their post-graduation.

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