NTS LDC Past Papers (PDF Download)

NTS LDC Past Papers will help students prepare for NTS exams. Solving Past Papers of NTS LDC (lower division clerk) on a regular basis helps improve self-confidence, reduces examination stress and helps students achieve good scores.

Practicing the NTS LDC Past Papers will help the students prepare for their board exams. The question paper is ideal preparation for the Job exams of NTS.

All the past and test papers for LDC Lower Division Clerk from the years 2000 to 2022 are here, including the answer key. Students will find it easy to access the LDC Past Papers of NTS in pdf by following the links mentioned below.

NTS Paper 1 PDFDownload
NTS Paper 2 PDFDownload
NTS Paper 3 PDFDownload
NTS Paper 4 PDFDownload
NTS Paper 5 PDFDownload
NTS Paper 6 PDFDownload
NTS Most Repeated MCQs PDFDownload
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