NUMS Past Papers with Answer Key (PDF Download)

Are you looking for NUMS Past Papers for The Preparation of  Nums Test? If yes, you came to the right place.

Here, we will provide you with NUMS past papers with answer keys in pdf format with a download option. The NUMS Mdcat past papers including MCQs will help you in getting good marks in NUMS and MDCAT tests.  Practice these NUMS papers questions one can get great knowledge and an idea about the NUMS test. Because every year most of the past papers MCQs repeat in NUMS and NMDCAT tests.

What is the NUMS MDCAT Test?

NUMS is the abbreviation for the National University Of Medical Science that will be conducting the test for the pre-medical students who want to get admission in MBBS or Medical Field in which

  • 5 years of MBBS programs (MBBS)
  • Surgery
  • Medicine
  • BDS
  • Allied Health Science

NUMS test is the initial step in getting admission into one of the NUMS-affiliated medical or dental colleges. So, admission to public and private medical college entrance tests is the initial and important step. By getting good marks one can get admission to medical and dental college.

Every year, NUMS conducts this test. 11 Medical Colleges are connected with the National University Of Medical Science.  There are 12 locations for conducting of NUMS Test. NUMS manages the test procedure from candidate registration through NUMS results.  

NUMS test days vary due to some serious conditions. NUMS test 2020 was conducted on 11 October 2020. NUMS Test 2021 was also conducted on 3 October 2021. So, we can say that NUMS Test is mostly conducted in  October.  The National University Of Medical Science gives a great opportunity for pre-medical students to complete their dreams in the medical field.  It is a great step, so,  it should be encouraged by everyone.

Most important thing is that the NUMS test is tough to test by the examiner. By which highly qualified students are evaluated. If you think that it is an easy test and do not work hard.  Then it will become a gravely sad situation later and it cannot provide you with any benefit. And the passing time does not come again. So, you should not take it lighter and easy test. For which hardworking is essential.

NUMS Test Pattern

Every subject, test, or field of education depends or matters on the pattern or outline.  As the pattern has a great role in the preparation of any subject or any kind of test. By pattern one can understand the way of preparation. And also guess the time duration in which he/ she can prepare for his / her test in a better way. Almost, the NUMS test remains the same. We can say that it is an advantage or benefit for students for NUMS test preparation from NUMS past papers.

Like, another field of education, NUMS Test has a paper pattern. By which students can prepare themselves for the NUMS test. Generally, the NUMS test consists of a pattern likewise, 180 questions in the NUMS Test 2020, but it can be changed. As in the 2021 NUMS test pattern that total of 150 questions was given. So, subject-based questions of 150 in total comprising 150  Minutes.

But in all NUMS tests,  Biology is always composed of the larger part of the total NUMS test. It does not matter. So,  students should focus on every subject because every subject is important for/ him. One mark is important for them. In this case, they should be sincere about the preparation of the NUMS test according to the NUMS test pattern.

The pattern of any test is an essential part of that test. Students should follow the pattern of NUMS 2022  for getting good marks. Sometimes, students do not follow the test pattern and they are unable to get high marks. For getting high marks on the NUMS test one should stick to a rigid pattern.

It is the syllabus of the NUMS 2021 Test.

Biology60 MCQs (40%)
Physics37 MCQs (25%)
Chemistry38  MCQs(25%)
English15 MCQs(10%)

There are 50 psychological questions for which 30 minutes are given. NUMS test 2021, marking was based on subject,  but qualifying in the psychological test is mandatory. An important thing in NUMS 2021 test is that there is no negative marking.

In NUMS Test, questions are of three types.

  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • Hard

They are in the percentage of 20%,55%, and 25% respectively. As it is a qualifying test for all hardworking and intelligent students.

NUMS Test Preparation Books for 2022/2023

For getting good marks and achieving one’s goals preparation is necessary. For preparation for any test, one should prepare himself/ herself in every case. If he/she wants to achieve his /her goal. Textbooks of every subject and past papers are important parts of preparation.

Like, other tests, the NUMS MDCAT test is mostly taken from the textbook. As it is a  way to check the student’s capability to become a future doctor. So one should be capable to understands all the topics in the best way. The books  you need for NUMS MDCAT are

  • Text Books of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English
  • NUMS MDCAT Past Papers
  • National Foundation Books
  • NUMS Preparation Booklet
  • Handmade Notes

But most of the time, NUMS MDCAT has material from past papers on the NUMS test.  So, students must consider past papers on the NUMS test.


Importance Of NUMS MDCAT Past Papers

There are many NUMS test preparation centres or academies present in our country. Every academy gives its own NUMS preparation books. These books are for practice. These books almost include  NUMS past papers MCQs. They are very important for all students who want to get good marks on the NUMS test.  

Today, it is difficult to buy all the books for the preparation for the NUMS test. They are expensive. These books of past papers MCQs.  Some students can not afford to buy them. Nowadays, the internet is available to everyone. So, NUMS Test preparation from past papers is very easy in pdf format. It is not an expensive way.  So, it is the right way and students should be benefited from it.

Past papers are considered a good source of practice  Students who appear for the NUMS entry test, do not have any about the NUMS test. And do not have an idea how the NUMS test was arranged by the examiner.  So, it is necessary for the students of the NUMS test to get an idea about the proper pattern of papers and scheme of marking.  

Therefore, we want to provide you with past papers for the NUMS test in a very easy way.  After solving past papers students get an idea to manage all the papers in a proper time. Past papers are basically the key points for the students to manage and cover the NUMS test in a proper time. So, the NUMS paper scheme, limited time awareness, and distribution of marks are judged by these NUMS past papers which are available on our site. 

How To Prepare Yourself For NUMS Test From Past papers

Students who want to become future doctors. They should prepare themselves in the best way. It is very difficult because the university arranges every year a tough exam for students. As it is the ability test among all students.

We can say the reason behind this is to evaluate their academic level and skills before offering them admission to NUMS.  By this pattern, the topper students are evaluated or determined among the students. It is necessary to keep in mind that large numbers of students appear in the NUMS tests but those students are considered who will get high marks or exceptional scores. Therefore, it is a very competitive environment for pre-medical students.

As a student, I will advise you to prepare yourself well before your appearance in the NUMS test. So, these online pdf format past papers are the best way for the preparation of NUMS test and the best examiner practice way.

Preparation from past papers is beneficial because 

  • Most students have a complete focus on the NUMS MDCAT test and considered it as a benchmark
  •  These past papers help in determining the lengths of the NUMS test
  • Types of MCQs, numbers of MCQs, and options are determined
  • Have an idea about your grasp on weaknesses and talents in MCQs
  • One can understand his/ her weakness in a subject and then concentrate on it to improve his/her weakness in that subject
  • These past papers will help you in revising all the subjects in a limited time of about 3 hours
  • Students’ brains will operate faster because they get knowledge about the NUMS tests. As one can understand the paper pattern and difficulty level

 If a  student who has an idea about NUMS past papers will get good marks, then other students. Because he has well informed about the pattern of the NUMS test, mean he gets an idea from past papers that which kind of question will come in the NUMS test. So,  Preparation from past papers is necessary.

NUMS MDCAT Past Papers PDF Download October 2022

As you know and agree with me that past papers of any test or for examination play an important role in the success. We can also say that preparation from past papers is necessary for getting high marks on any kind of test. Preparation from past papers gives the ability one’s to manage time and command the situation he/ she has to face  during the test

I advise you that preparation for the NUMS test from past papers is essential because the examiner may make some questions from past papers. So, if you want to get high marks you must see the NUMS past papers one time. By which you have an idea about the NUMS test and you confidently do your NUMS 2021 test.

For your easiness, here, links to NUMS’s past papers are given below.

List of NUMS Past Papers PDF
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