Wapda Test MCQs (PDF Download)

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Wapda Test MCQs (PDF Download)

Q. Who violated the constitution of 1956?

Ans. Skinder Mirza

Q. capital Qwait?

Ans.   Qwait

Q. The initial defence minister of Pakistan was

Ans. Liaqat Ali Khan

Q. the currency of Indonesia

Ans. Rupaya

Q. The biggest oil producers worldwide include

Ans. Vanzvella

Q. select the appropriate spelling?

Ans. Deceitful

Q. Evasion is

Ans. Pretext

Q. Appellation of Hazrat Ali R.A.

Ans. Abu Turab

Q. Umrah was done by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

  Ans. 4

Q. Al-Sadiq is Arabic for

Ans. Truthful

Q. Near the area are the remnants of Harappa.

    Ans.  Sahiwal

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