Wildlife MCQs (PDF Download)

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Wildlife MCQs (PDF Download)

Q. The primary human activity that has contributed to the extinction of wildlife is

(a) pollution of air and water

(b) hunting for valuable wildlife products

(c) introduction of alien species

(d) alteration and destruction of the natural habitats.

Q. Choose the appropriate state for the tiger reserve.

(a) Manas – Assam

(b) Corbett – Madhya Pradesh

(c) Bandipur – Tamil Nadu

(d) Palanau – Orissa.

Q. Which of the following best describes a sanctuary and the principal wild animal it protects?

(a) Kaziranga-Musk deer

(b) Gir-Lion

(c) Sunderban-Rhino

(d) all of these.

Q. Find the pairs that are correctly matched.

(a) Corbett park – Aves

(b) Runn of Kutch – Wild ass

(c) Gir forest – Rhino

(d) Kajiranga-Elephant.

Q. Indian Flamingo (Hansawar) nesting grounds are most likely

(a) Runn of Kutch

(b) Ghana Vihar

(c) Sambhar lake

(d) Chilka lake.

Q. What crisis will be brought on at the most and first if we remove half of the forest’s cover?

(a) some species will be extincted

(b) population and ecological imbalance will rise up

(c) energy crisis will occur

(d) rest half forests will maintain this imbalance.

Q. What is the main reason for the decline in wildlife populations?

(a) felling of trees

(b) paucity of drinking water

(c) cannibalism

(d) habitat destruction.

Q. Which of the following factors is the primary cause of the extinction of wild animals?

(a) pollution of air and water

(b) hunting of flesh

(c) destruction of habitats

(d) all of these.

Q. The Indri-Indri lemur lives in

a) Madagaskar

(b) Mauritius

(c) India

(d) Sri Lanka.

Q. It is possible to protect living specimens of threatened species by

(a) gene bank

(b) gene library

(c) herbarium

(d) gene pool.

Q. The amount of wildlife is steadily declining. Why is this the key cause?

(a) predation

(b) cutting down of forest

(c) destruction of habitat

(d) hunting.

Q. Which vertebrate category contains the most critically endangered species?

(a) mammals

(b) fishes

(c) reptiles

(d) birds

Q. Which critically endangered animal produces the finest, lightest, warmest, and most expensive wool in the world—the shahtoosh?

(a) nilgai

(b) cheetal

(c) kashmiri goat

(d) chiru

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