ASF Act 1975 MCQs (PDF Download)

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Q. Who holds the position of Federal Minister for Aviation?

A. Ijaz Ahmad Shah

B. Khawaja Saad Rafique

C. Ghulam Sarwar Khan

D. Chaudhary Tariq Bashir Cheema

Q. Who is the Airport Security Force’s (ASF) current director general?

A. Major Muhammad Azam Tiwana

B. Major General Abid Latif Khan

C. Major General Zafar ul Haq

D. None of these

Q. Who will be tasked with apprehending an ASF member who deserts?

A. Civil authorities

B. Pakistan Army



Q. Any decision made by an ASF officer that is permitted by the Pakistan Army Act of 1952

A. can be reviewed in high court

B. can be reviewed in supreme court

C. can be set aside by supreme court

D. can be reviewed by Director General

Q. With the consent of the Federal Government, the Director General may assign any of his functions under the ASF Act of 1975 to .

A. higher authorities

B. an officer of grade 20 or above

C. his friend

D. any officer or authority subordinate to him

Q. Except for________, the Federal Government may grant the Director General ASF all of his or her authority under the ASF Act of 1975.

A. power to make rules

B. power to make regulations

C. power to use arms and ammunition

D. none of these

Q. The Federal Government may assign its authority granted by the ASF Act of 1975 to

A. Federal Minister Aviation Division

B. Director General ASF

C. Defence Minister

D. Interior Minister

Q. Within __ days following the order, a person who feels wronged by a Director General order that imposes any punishment may request a revision from the Federal Government.

A. 15

B. 30

C. 45

D. 60

Q. If an ASF member is given a prison term of __ days or longer, is it considered a dismissal from the Force?

A. 30

B. 60

C. 90

D. 120

Q. ASF officers and members will be held accountable for what?

A. Civil Servant Rule, 1973

B. Police Order, 2002

C. Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898

D. Pakistan Army Act, 1952

Q. All employees at the airport or aerodrome must follow the instructions of the_______ in the event that military aid is required.

A. Director General

B. military authority

C. senior officer

D. station master

Q. What does “Director General” entail in terms of the ASF Act of 1975?

A. Commander incharge ASF

B. Executive Director ASF

C. ASF Assistant to Prime Minister

D. None of these

Q. What does “federal government” signify in Pakistan’s constitution?

A. President

B. Prime Minister

C. Federal Cabinet

D. Parliament

Q. Who is protected from civil action or other legal proceedings when exercising authority granted under the ASF Act of 1975 in good faith?

A. Force Commander ASF

B. All members of ASF

C. Director-General ASF

D. Secretary Aviation Division

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