ASF Written Test MCQs (PDF Download)

 Asf written test MCQs in pdf for preparing for any upcoming exam? Then you have come to the right page

A list of Asf written test MCQs in pdf format is provided in this article, which are derived from past six years of papers. In order to prepare for any competitive exam, it is crucial that you read the MCQs of the ASF written test deeply. Once you have read the MCQs deeply, you will be able to boost your ability in any upcoming exam.
In order to prepare for the ASF written test exam, candidates should always study ASF written test MCQs. They should know the types of questions that will be asked on the ASF written test exam.

ASF Written Test MCQs (FPSC, PPSC, NTS)

Q. I’m tired of his mess.


B). of

C). about

D). in

Q. He had grown weary of their whining.

A). about

B). of

C). on

D). in

Q. She will be with you.

A). for

B). in

C). about

D). of

Q. Do not pay him any attention.

A) about

B) on

C) or

D) in

Q. I’ve had it with his mess.

A. with

B. of

C. about

D. in

Q. The boy who received perfect scores was thought to have cheated.

A. by

B. from

C. of

D. for

Q. She reported having back aches.

A. by

B. with

C. over

D. about

Q. My grandfather is constantly whining about his back problems.

A. About

B. for

C. from

D. of

Q. The pilot accused his coworker of getting lost.

A. about

B. of

C. For

D. from

Q. A baby relies on its mother to feed it.

A. about

B. upon

C. for

D. with

Q. wishing her success, he said. (Use indirect narration now)

A. He prayed to God that she may succeed.

B. He said to her that she might succeed.

C. He told her that she might succeed.

D. He wished her success.

Q. What a magnificent scene, he exclaimed. (Use indirect narration now)

A. He exclaimed that it was a very beautiful scene.

B. He exclaimed what a beautiful scene it was

C. He wondered that it was a beautiful scene

D. He said that what a beautiful scene it was.

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