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For the purpose of preparing for various job exams, you can read or download Basic Computer MCQs with Solutions in PDF. The type of MCQs that were asked in the paper exams must be understood by candidates in order for them to properly prepare and get higher exam scores.

You can spot your errors and areas for improvement by reading the MCQs for Basic Computer and comparing your responses with our solutions. Additionally, by using Basic computer MCQs, you can concentrate more on your weak subject, which can enhance your exam performance as a whole.

You’ll notice that a lot of MCQs are repeated in exams; by practicing these crucial Basic computer MCQs with Answers, you’ll be able to perform better on future tests.

Basic Computer MCQs (NTS, PPSC, FPSC)

Q. What word is the term “computer” originated from?

A. Latin

B. German

C. French

D. Arabic

Q. Who is the man who created computers?

A. Allen Turing

B. Charles Babbage

C. Simur Cray

D. Augusta Adaming

Q. What are some of the basic tasks that a computer performs?

A. Arithmetic operation

B. Logical operation

C. Storage and relative

D. All the above

Q. Who is the Internet’s founder?

A. Chares Babbage

B. Vint Cerf

C. Denis Riche

D. Martin Cooper

Q. What is a computer known as if it contains more than one processor?

A. Uni-process

B. Multiprocessor

C. Multi-threaded

D. Multi-programming

Q. What is the name of a light-sensitive gadget that digitises drawings, written text, and other visual media?

A. Keyboard

B. Scanner


D. None of these

Q. What does WWW stand for exactly?

A. World Whole Web

B. Wide World Web

C. Web World Wide

D. World Wide Web

Q. What is the name of the group of system programmes that regulates and coordinates a computer system’s overall operations?

A. System software

B. Operating system

C. Utility program

D. Device driver

Q. Exactly what kind of operating system is MS-DOS?

A. Command Line Interface

B. Graphical User Interface

C. Multitasking

D. Menu Driven Interface

Q. Which technology do compact discs employ?

A. Mechanical

B. Electrical

C. Electro Magnetic

D. Laser

Q. Any computer system’s brain is called ?


B. Memory


D. Control unit

Q. What one or more of the following constitutes a central processing unit (CPU)?

A. Arithmetic logic unit, Mouse

B. Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit

C. Arithmetic logic unit, Integrated Circuits

D. Control Unit, Monitor

Q. The source of an analogue computer’s power is

A.Continuous electrical pulses

B.Electrical pulses but not continuous

C.Magnetic strength

D.None of the above

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