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English Literature MCQs (NTS, PPSC, FPSC)

Q. Who is the author of the book “The Lord of the Rings”?

A. Thomas Hardy

B. R. R. Tolkien

C. Mary Shelly

D. Ian Fleming

Q. Select the best response to finish the following phrase. Except for one, all of the following are plays by Shakespeare.

A. “Two Gentlemen of Verona”

B. “The Winter’s Tale”

C. “The Tempest”
D. “Faustus”

Q. Who is the author of the phrase “Pathetic fallacy”?

A. Milton

B. Coleridge

C. Carlyle

D. John Ruskin

Q. According to Longinus, what type of metre is the most beautiful?

A. Dactylic Hexameter 

B. Iambic Pentameter

C. Torchaic Octameter

D. None

Q. Longinus asserts that there are major sources of the sublime.

A. Three

B. Five

C. Six

D. None

Q. According to Longinus, what is the single biggest factor in elevating the tone of writing?

A. Grandeur Thought

B. Genuine Emotion

C. Impassioned Utterance

D. Splendour Style

Q. Who wrote The Canterbury Tales, exactly?

A. John Gower

B. Julian of Norwich

C. Geoffrey Chaucer

D. William Langland

Q. The queen of figures, according to Longinus, is ?

A. Simile

B. Hyperbole

C. Apostrophe

D. Metaphor

E. None

Q. What does Longiuns mean by sublimity when he says that it is a specific distinction and?

A. Imitation

B. Pleasure

C. Composition

D. Puerility

Q. What was Thomas Hardy’s first book to be released in 1871?

A. The Return of the Native

B. Desperate Remedies

C. A Pair of Blue

D. None of these

Q. Who was the 18th-century English poet whose writings included Rape of the Lock, Dunciad, and Essay on Man?

A. Nelson Mandela

B. Winston Churchill

C. Alexander Pope

D. None of these

Q. When Thomas Chatterton passed away, he was __ years old.

A. 19

B. 18

C. 17

D. 16

Q. Who is the 1960 author of “The Colossus”?

A. Chinua Achebe

B. Toni Morrison

C. Ahmed Sulman Rushdie

D. Sylvia Plath

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