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Pakistan Banking MCQs (PDF Download)

Q. Banks, the purpose of moving the extra funds to the area that needs them most is to:

(A) make money usable

(B) save the waste of money

(C) gather money

(D) None of these

Q. Was Acha the founder of contemporary banking?

(A) money lenders

(B) goldsmith

(C) jew traders

(D) all of above

Q. Which of the following is not a business industry segment:

(A) Retail banking

(B) Wholesale banking

(C) Wealth Management

(D) Internet banking

Q. The industry to get into is banking:

(A) Customer relation

(B) Public relation

C) Profit

(D) none of these

Q. Mortgage lenders lend to customers on:

(A) Moveable assets

(B) Immovable assets

(C) Ornaments

(D) All of these

Q. When was the International Monetary Fund (IMF) founded?

(A) 1942

(B) 1944

(C) 1946

(D) 1948

Q. Bank interest rates are based on:

(A) The federal bank

(B) The Central bank

(C) The commercial bank

(D) All of these

Q. Which accounts does the bank not pay interest on?

(A) Profit and Loss account

(B) Saving Account

(C) Current Account

(D) None of these

Q. A written order mandating one party to pay another party a predetermined sum of money on demand or at a predetermined date is known as:

(A) Promissory note

(B) Bill of exchange

(C) Cheque

(D) Pay order

Q. What is the name of a financial instrument that contains a written promise from one party to another to pay another party?

(A) Bond payable

(B) Promissory Note

(C) Bill of exchange

(D) Transfer of money

Q. Bank conducts business for:

(A) Give and Take
(B) Interest
(C) Money
(D) None of these

Q. Who is credited with founding modern banking?

(A) Susan Lee

(B) Alexander Hamilton

(C) Mike Hauge

(D) None of these

Q. What word is the root of “bank”?

(A) Banque

(B) Bancus

(C) Bankus

(D) Both A and B

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