Library Science MCQs (PDF Download)

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Library Science MCQs (PDF Download)

Q. The conclusion of the method of subject generation, known as research methodology

Loose Assemblage




Q. USA founding of IIA 1968 is an acronym representing

Integrated Industry Association

Information Industry Association

Integrated Illiteracy eradication Association

Institute of Information Association.

Q. BSO is the abbreviation for

Basic Subject of Organisation

Broad Subject Ordering

Bibliography of Subject Ordering

Bibliographic Subject Organisation

Q. Introducing the idea of “Selective Dissemination of Information” (SDI),


Luhn of IBM

S. R. Ranganathan

Derek Austin.

Q. Ranganathan published the book “Library Administration” iVn





Q. Which of the following has not been designated as a national landmark library

Saraswati Mahal Library

Delhi Public Library

Kudha Baksh Oriental Library

The Rampur Raza Library

Q. Associated with the term “lexicography” are:

Compilation of Encyclopedia

Compilation of Hand books

Compilation of Dictionaries

None of the above

Q. A/an pre-print is

Article to be presented in a conference

Conference paper to be included in the proceedings

Neither a nor b

Both a and b

Q. Only the binary system of numbers is

Two digits

Four digits

Eight digits

Six digits

Q. The “Canon of Characteristics” is a

Verbal plane

Notational plane

Idea plane

Structural plane

Q.The Xerographic Process is classified as

Photographic process

Reflex method

Silver halide process

Electrostatic process

Q. Studying abroad is a/an option.


Year book



Q. A user’s “User Profile” is

List of descriptors

List of useful citations

List of users

Statement of user information

Q. Phoenix timetables are a





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