Management MCQs (PDF Download)

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The Management MCQs from the previous six years’ papers are listed in this post along with their PDF solutions. The most effective MCQs for preparing for any competitive exam are those pertaining to management. Once you have thoroughly reviewed the Management MCQs, you can improve your performance in any upcoming exam.

Candidates should always study the management MCQs when preparing for the management exam. Understanding the kinds of MCQs that will be asked on the Management exam is essential.

Management MCQs (PDF Download)

Q. Management addresses

A. internal environment

B. external environment

C. both internal and external environment

D. None of the above

Q. According to Mary Parker, using other people to accomplish goals is an art.

A. Job

B. Behaviour

C. Management

D. Both A & B

Q. Among the management duties are .

A. planning & organizing

B. directing

C. controlling

D. All of the above

Q.The “father of scientific management” is .

A. Fredrick W. Taylor

B. Henry Fayol

C. Robert Owen

D. None of these

Q. The goal of management is to _ a surplus.

A. an art

B. a science

C. both A & B

D. None of these

Q. Managers at __ need management skills.

A. Middle levels in an organization

B. Top levels in an organization

C. Executive levels in an organization

D. All levels in an organization

Q. The primary justification for it’s existence is .

A. The organizational vision

B. The organizational mission

C. The organizational objectives

D. The organizations CEO

Q. Making a decision about what needs to be done in advance is planning.

A. organising

B. directing

C. planning

D. controlling

Q. The concept of grouping jobs is .

A. organising

B. directing

C. planning

D. controlling

Q. Management abilities include

A. technical skills

B. human skills

C. conceptual skills

D. all of the above

Q. MOST is an acronym denoting

A. Machinery, Office, Staff and Technology

B. Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

C. Maximum Output Strategy Tools

D. Manager, Operator, Seller and Trader

Q. Basically, __ expresses the MOST.

A. Government

B. Managers

C. Workers

D. Trademark registrar

Q. Management is necessary to accomplish the objectives.

A. registers trademark

B. develops tactics

C. formulates strategies

D. outsources operations

Q. Functional leaders are accountable for .

A. for a single area of activity

B. to the upper level of management and staff

C. for complex organizational sub-units

D. for obtaining copyrights and patents for newly developed processes and equipment

Q. Policies can occasionally be described as a (n)

A. shortcut for thinking

B. action plan

C. substitute for strategy

D. substitute for management authority

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