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Pak Study MCQs in English&Urdu (PDF Download)

Q. Who served as Pakistan’s Constituent Assembly’s first president?

A. Liaquat Ali Khan

B. Quaid-e-Azam

C. Moulvi Tameez-ud-Din

D. Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

Q. How long did it take Pakistan to adopt its first constitution?

A. 5 years

B. 7 years

C. 9 years

D. 11 years

Q. What was the first document created to speed up the constitution-making process?

A. Representative Act

B. Pakistan Act

C. Independence Act

D. Objective Resolution

Q. when did the Objective Resolution get approved by the Constituent Assembly?

A. 14th February 1949

B. 12th March 1949

C. 9th June 1949

D. 15th August 1949

Q. when Mohammad Ali Bogra gave the assembly the Bogra Formula?

A. January 1953

B. April 1953

C. September 1953

D. October 1953

Q. Mohammad Ali Bogra, who was he?

A. Prime Minister

B. Foreign Minister

C. Law Minister

D. Parliament Minister

Q. What is the Mohammad Ali Bogra Formula’s other name?

A. New Law of Pakistan

B. Pakistan Report

C. Third Report

D. Constitutional Formula

Q. When did Pakistan’s first constitution go into effect?

A. 8th June 1956

B. 23rd March 1956

C. 14th August 1956

D. 25th December 1956

Q. Who served as Pakistan’s Prime Minister during the first constitution’s


A. Mohammad Ali Bogra

B. Khwaja Nazim Uddin

C. Choudhry Mohammad Ali

D. Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar

Q. What name did Pakistan’s 1956 constitution officially give it?

A. United States of Pakistan

B. Republic of Pakistan

C. Islamic Pakistan

D. Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Q. In the 1956 Constitution, the President’s age was set at

A. 40 years

B. 45 years

C. 50 years

D. 55 years

Q. What term was established for the President and Prime Minister in 1956’s constitution with regard to religion?

A. He may be a Muslim

B. He must not be Hindu

C. He must not be Christian

D. He must be a Muslim ( this condition applicable only on president. pm may be non-muslim)

Q. What was the constitution’s 1956 declaration of the official language?

A. Urdu

B. Bengali

C. Hindi

D. Both a & b

Q. Who revoked the Constitution of 1956?

A. Ayub Khan

B. Tikka Khan

C. Iskander Mirza

D. Yahya Khan

Q. When was Martial Law declared and the first constitution revoked?

A. May 1958

B. June 1958

C. October 1958

D. December 1958

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