Database MCQs (PDF Download)

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Database MCQs (PDF Download)

Q. This symbol is used by the E-R model to denote a weak entity set?

Dotted rectangle.


Doubly outlined rectangle

None of these

Q. SET idea can be found in:

Network Model

Hierarchical Model

Relational Model

None of these

Q. It is Relational Algebra.

Data Definition Language

Meta Language

Procedural query Language

None of the above

Q. The key used to show the connection between tables is called

Primary key

Secondary Key

Foreign Key

None of these

Q. __ generates a relationship with properties shared by R1 and R2.

Cartesian product




Q. The file structure that allows for incredibly quick access to any record in a file is

Ordered file

Unordered file

Hashed file


Q. DBMS aids in achieving

Data independence

Centralized control of data

Neither (A) nor (B)

both (A) and (B)

Q. Which of the following describes an entity’s properties?





Q. a relationship

Ordering of rows is immaterial

No two rows are identical

(A) and (B) both are true

None of these.

Q. Which of the following statements is true:

a SQL query automatically eliminates duplicates.

SQL permits attribute names to be repeated in the same relation.

a SQL query will not work if there are no indexes on the relations

None of these

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