Pharmacology MCQs (PDF Download)

Reading through MCQs is one of the best ways to succeed on any department exam. Basic pharmacology MCQs are the most effective for preparing for any competitive exam. You can improve your performance in any upcoming exams once you have thoroughly reviewed the Basic Pharmacology MCQs.

By reading through these Basic Pharmacology MCQs with Answers, you may evaluate your preparation to determine whether there are any gaps in the Basic Pharmacology section, and you’ll also come across some brand-new MCQs that you haven’t encountered in books.

This article’s objective is to offer you Basic Pharmacology MCQs in Pdf, which are crucial for landing a job in the department of your choice and maintaining excellent standing.

Basic Clinical Pharmacology MCQs

Q. What plant produces quinine, CINCHONA________________?

A. Root

B. Bark

C. Leaves

D. Seed capsule

Q. Which medication from the list below can be administered to a patient with renal illness without risk?

A. Phenacetin

B. Tetracycline

C. Aminoglycoside

D. Diazepam


A. Propylthiouracil

B. Dexamethasone

C. Propranolol

D. Aspirin

Q. Which of the following is true? Not an opioid’s pharmacological effect, then?

A. Cough suppression

B. Anti-emesis

C. Miosis

D. Truncal rigidity

Q. Except for the following circumstances, aspirin is beneficial.

A. Fever

B. Post myocardial infarction

C. Venous thrombosis

D. Gout

Q. Neostigmine has a positive effect in the treatment of Myasthenia gravis because it ?

A. It is produces more acetylcholine

B. It inhibits the action of cholinesterase

C. It produces more acetycholine receptors

D. It increases the action of cholinesterase

Q. Because of what, DOPA and 5-hydroxytryptophan are clinically significant?

A. They cross blood Brain Barriers

B. They are acidic precursors of Brain amines

C. They act as neuromodulators

D. They are metabolites of various neurogenic amines

Q. Which of the following is an opioid receptor pure antagonist?

A. Natrexone

B. Nalbuphine

C. Butorphanol

D. Pentazonice

Q. Which of the following substances can be used as a hypnotic sedative?

A. Zolmitriptan

B. Zileuton

C. Zolpiden

D. Zalcitabine

Q. What is an anti-anxiety medication that doesn’t affect the GABA ergic system and is used for generalised anxiety?

A. Alprazolam

B. Diazepam

C. Buspiron

D. Phenobarbital

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